Ender's Game: The IMAX Experience Synopsis
An unusually gifted youth is selected for advanced training to defend Earth against alien invaders.

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Total Film

Like its hero, Ender’s Game relies on brains more than brute force. An absorbing portrait of Lord Of The Flies-style morality housed in...
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By Peter Debruge
An impressive, thought-provoking astro-adventure that benefits from the biggest screen available.
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The Telegraph

By Tim Robey
This starfighter-recruit blockbuster is refreshingly idea-driven.
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Time Out London

By Tom Huddleston
It falters once the actual war begins: Ben Kingsley shows up as a Maori warrior with the weirdest imaginable accent, the final battle is...
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The Hollywood Reporter

If only adapter-director Gavin Hood's movie had been tempered with craft and care and wasn't such a blunt instrument, one that seems...
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The Guardian

By Peter Bradshaw
The movie's apocalyptic finale indicates that it's bitten off considerably more than it can chew in terms of ideas, but it looks good, and...
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The Playlist

As a mainstream sci-fi film, this enjoyable, occasionally poignant effort too often feels messy in the wrong ways.
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
Sure, it’s good-looking, cautionary and clever enough. But there’s not much in this “Game” that you’d call thrilling or fun.
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By Helen O'Hara
It admirably avoids many of the pitfalls of adapting this book, but seems to have lost some of the life and pace as well.
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Good movie, but...

By RobertP114
The film is well done, the cast is well chosen, but don't expect to see the book on the big screen. There are a lot of areas left out, changed and the end is very different from the book. Consider it...

Good adaptation of the book

By bobbruce33569
Very fast paced and tightly condensed but good movie. Asa Butterfield was great but a little taller than expected. Ender's growth as commander was too quickly glossed over. Visuals and sound were...

See it on the biggest screen possible

By RandytheMovieFan
This movie is packed with action, emotion and great special effects that really pop on the IMAX screen. It was faithful to the book, though not as good of course due to the need to condense or omit...


By mier99
I'm a big fan of Orson's work. But given his his Fundamentalist Mormon leanings regarding gays and blacks its hard to be a fan of him personally. He wants to make being gay illegal. And some...

A half-hearted effort at best - an artless, clumsy, cynical, big studio offering. Caveat emptor.

By rob633
The screenplay was weak. It dropped nearly everything that made the story good. They dumbed down the characters to make the movie accessible to the average teenager. The effects were very good but...

Almost everything I hoped it would be!

By al65
This is one of my all-time favorite books, and I was scared to death to see it brought to life on the big screen. It was almost everything I hoped for. At times it felt rushed, but I attribute that...

Enders Game

By Vivedragon
Very good, well played out movie. Great special effects. Could have been longer to make the plot clearer. Wish it were in 3D. That being said, I really enjoyed this movie a lot. Awesome Imax...

Stayed true to the book

By ravinett
This movie did a very good job staying true to the spirit of the book. This is not a light hearted sci fi movie. It deals with some difficult issues, and does so in a way that is enjoyable to...

Ender's Game was great.

By coachthomas
If you've read the book you will probably like the movie but be critical of the omissions and changes. If you haven't read the book you will probably like the movie but not fully understand it. Asa...

Brought the book to life

By evwixom
From the prospective of a LONG time Ender's Game fan - I loved this movie. Yes as other viewers have pointed out there are a number of changes and omissions from the book. However, I think many of...

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Rated PG-13 | For some violence, sci-fi action and thematic material
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 12+ Thought-provoking sci-fi adventure with military violence.
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