Enchanted screening - saw it last night!

By newkillerstar
Written November 09, 2007
I saw "Enchanted" last night and it was wonderful. A great film for kids and parents, and a sweet date movie as well. The animation reminds you of classic Disney movies, as does the story. Susan Sarandon plays the evil step mother to a T. Marsden and Dempsey are both really good in their roles. Amy Adams is simply spectacular as the princess! She's beautiful as is her voice, and the whole movie is perfectly casted. I'm going to see this again once it comes out.
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Where to begin...

By Daydream
Written November 23, 2007
Enchanted was so "bizarre" (as one of the audience members put it) that you couldnt help but laugh. Amy Adams and James Marsden are the perfect silly fairytale personalities that make this movie enjoyable for everyone. The cartoon and real-life parts of this movie borrow material from Disney classics, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. The chipmunk is hilarious and the best part of the movie. Take the kids.
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Absolutely adorable movie for kids and adults! Disney has done it again!

By moviefanwith3kids
Written November 26, 2007
This was a great movie. You will be happy you brought your kids to see it. Disney always score with their animated films and this one had the best of both worlds. Susan Sarandon was fantastic as the queen! My grandma came with and throughout the movie kept saying how happy it was making her. And that pretty much sums it up .
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I was suprised....

By movieluvr21
Written November 21, 2007
My 9 year old Daughter talked me into seeing this movie. I was thinking it would be dumb but it wasn't! I really enjoyed it and got "into" the story. It made me laugh and cry (just a little). Go see this! It really is very good.
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A Great Twist to Classic Disney Tales

By txguinnessgirl
Written November 16, 2007
I saw this at a premiere last night with a very eclectic audience. It was so much funnier than I expected! It was so clever. Although I loved Amy Adams in "The Wedding Date", I hadn't seen her in anything else. She was incredible! I'll be looking for other films she's in from now on. The singing and dancing were unexpected, but I loved it ---as did the entire audience. It was romantic, too! The kids in the audience loved it (and that included some teenaged boys too) It was great fun!
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