Empire State Synopsis
Two childhood friends plan to pull off the largest cash heist in U.S. History by robbing an armored car depository, but a NYPD officer is hot on their trail.
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By Heybrause
Great movie!...

Empire State

By natalie260
It was an ok movie, it wasn't really action packed. Liam Hemsworth's role was well played but it was still an lousy movie. I don't think it's worth paying to go watch it....

Not what i was expecting

By jaaymeeee
For a movie having Johnson, Hemsworth and Roberts it failed to meet my expectations. These three are amazing actors/actresses so i dont get why the movie was so horrible. It was boring when i thought...

By e9mit
This was good but it could have been better...


By titaldc16
Not wats expected. The rocks part is small, plot ok, but does portray real life story....

By pbrauser187
Not great. It's a true story so I suppose it has some leeway. Overall, I was not very impressed....

to much cussing

By lavenderliesa


By cnetta09
The beginning of the film pulls you in but towards the middle, the storyline just dwindles drastically. I lost complete interest....

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