slants be tripping

By dickface
Written May 30, 2011
This tale was overbearingly gripping. Too much grip. Had to leave. People were giving me slanted looks all over the place. Tyler Perry would have made this film oscar worthy.
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Gold for effort, bronze for results

By k28dalton
Written June 02, 2011
Recently I got a chance to screen the upcoming movie Empire of Silver from Neoclassics. Directed by Christina Yao and starring Aaron Kwok, Hao Lei, Tielin Zhang and Jennifer Tilly, Empire of Silver is a gorgeous film that depicts the life of the Kang family and their management of their piaohao as the Qing dynasty begins to fall. A huge amount of effort went into this movie and I am truly impressed with their work. I'll talk a little bit more about that later, but I want to first share a little history with you. you can check out the full review at my blog ismellsheep (dot) blogspot (dot) com
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By 782msw
Written June 08, 2011
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Failed filn

By CrypticReview
Written June 05, 2011
Both result and effort made this movie the how bad it Is today
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Empire of Silver

By ilich
Written June 09, 2011
The movie has a great premise, and in itself it mashes-up like 5 genres, but overall it would be better if it just ditched the incestuous romantic story, and focused more on the banking aspects and the family saga, and the chinese revolution.
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