Empire of Silver Synopsis
A young man prepares to take over his family's Chinese banking empire in 1899.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Epic in sweep and scale and packs in enough incident to cover two "Godfather" movies.
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Los Angeles Times

By Kevin Thomas
Has enough going for it to make it likely worth the effort for fans of Asian cinema, but it does seem an opportunity missed.
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
This weirdly engaging tale of banking and bad behavior makes 19th-century China look uncomfortably like 21st-century America.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
The most interesting threads aren't political but personal, with a melodramatic romance providing some well-earned tears. Your final...
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Pam Grady
An historical drama so swamped by its soap opera crescendos, no resonant story can survive the wet.
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Washington Post

The movie is occasionally muddled and always melodramatic, yet it's pictorially compelling, thanks to dramatic locations and exacting art...
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Village Voice

By Michael Atkinson
It's decent, exoticized pulp with a porcelain veneer, and should be consumed idly.
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Slant Magazine

By Nick Schager
From overwrought flashbacks of Third Master and Madame Kang's initial meetings (and sexual encounter), to the present-day arguments and...
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slants be tripping

By dickface
This tale was overbearingly gripping. Too much grip. Had to leave. People were giving me slanted looks all over the place. Tyler Perry would have made this film oscar worthy....

Gold for effort, bronze for results

By k28dalton
Recently I got a chance to screen the upcoming movie Empire of Silver from Neoclassics. Directed by Christina Yao and starring Aaron Kwok, Hao Lei, Tielin Zhang and Jennifer Tilly, Empire of Silver is...


By 782msw

Failed filn

By CrypticReview
Both result and effort made this movie the how bad it Is today...

Empire of Silver

By ilich
The movie has a great premise, and in itself it mashes-up like 5 genres, but overall it would be better if it just ditched the incestuous romantic story, and focused more on the banking aspects and...

Well acted, filed, directed, photographed

By barbarasf
Beautiful cinematography, interesting story of heart vs duty in a time of strict gender and class roles, poverty and war. Well acted and well done. Romance, heartbreak, love, death and war: ...

Empire of Silver

By jeanandrews
Empire of Silver is an intimate portrait of one of the families that controlled the Chinese economy at the turn of the last century. The acting is excellent and the scenery stunning....

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