Misinformation abounds -. I was there.

By carolcorbin
Written July 30, 2015
This movie is romanticized nonsense with no sense of period or historical style.. A supposed love relationship with Brigadier General Fellows, a 40 year old (during the occupation) who meets a relatively busty, roundish eyed Japanese in college shortly before Pearl Harbor. In actuality he was a graduate of West Point and later in the Army war college in 1949 and stationed in Egypt after that. A West Point graduate would not have been involved at that period of time in such a liaison unless he was a spy. Japanese women in that period always covered their mouths when they laughed (even in the west) . The only real truth in the film lies with the written words at the end where the fate of Tojo (and others) is mentioned. MacArthur spent much of his career in Asia and understood the Japanese mind. If you are a romantic you may enjoy it. If you have a sense of history or if you were there, you will see the flaws, that are enormous. Read William Manchester's biography for truth.
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Uncomfortably cliched, but worthwhile

By rmf11
Written February 09, 2016
The "romance" doesn't work, but it does contribute to the cultural explanations, through the heroin's family relations. It's always relevant and useful to re-cover historicevents and cultural clashes, and I enjoyed the movie nostalgicly, having served 4 years there in the '60s. One tweeter criticising the romantic involvement credibility stated that it started just before the war, but it actually started in 1932, long before the war. Again, flawed, but worthy.
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Great Movie

By sondecicada
Written July 03, 2015
I greatly enjoyed watching this movie. It has very little violence for a "war movie" and it is actually a historical movie. I have no idea how accurate the history is. However, from what I know of history, I think it is fairly accurate. The acting is excellent and the camera work is exceptional! I liked the ending and although it has sad scenes which made me cry I did enjoy the movie.
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nice history lesson with hollywood exaggeration

By Spydercage
Written January 31, 2015
Pretty cool to see what happened after the world war 2. I didn't know about this part of history (after the war). I was enjoyable to see & learn about htis segment of history. I would recommend this to someone who even has a kinda intrest in history of WWII. Fox was good, TLJ is always fun to watch, with his cranky, no holds back attitude. I recommend it.
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By dchicorelli
Written January 28, 2015
My Dad is/was a Pacific area vet and saw the carnage upclose and he says that it's a pretty good evaluation of what was going on in Japan. He was also in part of the clean up crew that visited several of the devasted areas. This movie is good for history buffs and people that are interested in the McArthur chain of events. Obviously he doesn't become president but it shows the lengths that people in high places will go to get MORE power. Parts of the movie slow down some, but the movie can't be classified as an "action" movie, it's really part love story and mostly history. It's a GO for me.
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