Tommy Lee Jones does not really star

By Mhkolman783
Written April 25, 2017
The movie is touted as "starring Tommy Lee Jones" but he is, at best, a supporting actor. His role is good but lasts only a few minutes. General Fellers' story turns this into a chick-flilck wrapped around an historical war/rebuilding story. The movie is very slow, but interesting. It does not come up anywhere near the level of an historical epic (like Lincoln).
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Hoping for greatness, but settled for "good."

By Squirrel Dude
Written June 29, 2016
By the trailer you'd think that Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas MacArthur was the major character, but he's not. That belongs to Matthew Fox's character - who I didn't know was an actual person! His personal reason and investigation of trying to determine whether Emperor Hirohito was guilty for Japan's aggression for attacking Pearl Harbor was good, just not great.
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Fascinating Post-War Drama

By KISSman
Written May 25, 2017
A fascinating movie about how one general's war crimes investigation would directly effect Japan from that point forward. This is not a war movie with a lot of battles and such; this is mainly a drama about the aftermath. There is also a love story weaved into the investigation that is really rather touching. The final scene involving the mysterious Emperor and the real life photo that they show right before the credits was a perfect cap to the end of the film. Personally, I did not know all of the details concerning Japan's surrender so it also served as an educational piece to me which I rather enjoyed. I can't say that this was a gripping film or one that will amaze you, but if you are entertained by interesting historical stories, this one may be right up your alley.
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By richgaudet
Written July 26, 2016
if you are a history buff and you like TLJ, this is a solid movie that will entertain and deliver the movie value goods; if not or you are seeking excessive stimulation, robots, vampire romance, time traveling assassins from the future, homicidal ghosts, etc then not so much for you. some light romance, some historical obscura (but not too much) this movie will keep company with movies like Fat man and Little Boy, The Great Raid, etc.
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A Unique WW2 Perspective Not Previously Performed.

By Al P
Written February 27, 2015
The is a solid film. Screenplay, cast performances, photography, sound...everything just as it should be...except historical accuracy. Still, it's a fine entertainment piece taken in context to "play acting." It's worth its ticket price. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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