Historical Fiction, Not Historical Fact

By jeffjohnson67
Written August 27, 2016
I lived in Japan and have studied Japanese history during the WWII period. "Emperor" is historically inaccurate. The love affair that is central to the plot never happened. The real Japanese girl that Gen. Fellers knew from his college days survived the war and married a Japanese man. She did not die in the war as depicted in this film. The few historical accuracies include fascinating scenes of the destroyed Tokyo landscape, Tojo's botched suicide attempt, Hirohito's surrender recording drama, and the Japanese leadership trying to protect a guilty Hirohito. Consider the ridiculous scene of Gen. Fellers driving alone in a jeep on a single tank of gas for 3 hours in war torn Japan (no open gas stations) in an attempt to find his fictional girlfriend in another city! Tommy Lee Jones did not play Gen. Douglas MacArthur in "Emperor". Tommy Lee Jones played Tommy Lee Jones. In reality, MacArthur made the decision exonerate Hirohito. He did not leave it up to Fellers.
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By marileekessler
Written November 28, 2015
Husband & I really enjoyed the movie. Tommy Lee, always good. Emulating MacArthur was a LITTLE over the top we thought (only according to photos we have seen of the real Mac). But Jones is always a treat. wanted more from him but he wasn't the main star. Matthew Fox was interesting. We'd never seen him before. Enjoyed his role, and not knowing the authenticity thought he was very good. We were surprised though, if this was accurate, didn't our American soldiers dress up to meet (other powerful people) Egad, Fox's characters undershirt collar was always stretched out, no jackets or even a tie on either general! Still we give the movie a Must Go! Another blast from the past. We are always interested in 'what happened' when we were too young to understand then, in our mid 70s now. High schoolers might be interested if they've studied the war. No little kids.
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ms. j

By qtpi410
Written July 29, 2016
The movie should not be advertised as Tommy Lee Jones being a main character. Matt Fox was the main character but I guess Jones name had to be front and center to draw people to the film. That being said the movie was worth seeing. Matt Fox did a great job.
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Bait and Switch Marketing at its finest

By entoosee
Written May 01, 2016
You would think from the trailer that the movie was about Tommy Lee Jones but when you actually go see the movie, you find out it is about Matthew Fox. Fox isn't the best actor in the world as seen from his last mainstream movie Vantage Point. Its not necessarily a movie about the efforts to rebuild Japan as it is about Fox's personal love story with a woman that he's trying to find in Japan. Instead of just skipping right to where he knows where he'll find out information about her, it is dragged on for 2 hours about his relationship with her.
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By oandroplex700
Written April 30, 2016
We saw this movie last night, and were truly impressed, tommy lee jones truly captured the essence of MacArthur, the movie flowed rather well, the story truly opened my eyes to events about the bombing of pear harbor, I was not aware of, as it will do for you, especially if you enjoy history, I highly reccomend it
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