By dicarlo60
Written August 29, 2016
This is all about what the USA did after the bombing of Japan to END the War. It throws in a love story. We really loved the movie, Mathew Fox of LOST fame does a great job as the main character whose story we follow. Tommy Lee Jones is amazing his performance albeit peppered throughout the movie is yet another feather in his cap. No matter if your a fan of these actors or a History fan this is a must see movie.
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By Peneflix
Written October 22, 2016
It is tragic when a film has the genesis of greatness but somehow fizzles in the creation process; such is the case with “Emperor”. A fascinating slice of history, focusing on the demise of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito; immersed in the carnage of Hiroshima (August 6th, 1945) and Nagasaki ( August 9th, 1945); a landscape screaming for redemption, purification after the explosive effects of the atomic bomb; a conflagration that changed the future of Japan and its godlike Emperor... If you need a “MacArthur” injection see the 1977 film “MacArthur” starring Gregory Peck, or historians, read “American Caesar” (not to be confused with the Iggy Pop album of the same title) by William Manchester; a sterling biography comparing Douglas MacArthur to the iconic Roman hero, Julius Caesar: both geniuses, blazing military strategists; both felled by their arrogance, unbridled hubris... TWO & 1/2 STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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By jumperjohn1
Written May 25, 2017
Shows the devastation of the US firebombing of Tokyo to good effect. The "love story" distracts from the overall theme of assigning blame for war crimes. Jones is MacArthur by my understanding of the history of the man..very well done. Overall, not a bad movie.
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Emperor - worth seeing if you value historic perspective over Hollywood glitz

By hugopaluchi
Written August 26, 2016
Emperor is thoughtful and compelling as it tells the story of a little-known American General, Bonner Fellers, his relationship with a young Japanese woman before the war, and his role in the post-war resolution of Emperor Hirohito's fate. Matthew Fox portrays the droll Fellers very well. And the Japanese cast was very good. The movie is not some heroic fiction lionizing a historic event in Hollywood fashion. It is beautifully filmed and directed. This is not a film about MacArthur although MacArthur was the pivotal figure.
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Historical Fiction, Not Historical Fact

By jeffjohnson67
Written February 27, 2017
I lived in Japan and have studied Japanese history during the WWII period. "Emperor" is historically inaccurate. The love affair that is central to the plot never happened. The real Japanese girl that Gen. Fellers knew from his college days survived the war and married a Japanese man. She did not die in the war as depicted in this film. The few historical accuracies include fascinating scenes of the destroyed Tokyo landscape, Tojo's botched suicide attempt, Hirohito's surrender recording drama, and the Japanese leadership trying to protect a guilty Hirohito. Consider the ridiculous scene of Gen. Fellers driving alone in a jeep on a single tank of gas for 3 hours in war torn Japan (no open gas stations) in an attempt to find his fictional girlfriend in another city! Tommy Lee Jones did not play Gen. Douglas MacArthur in "Emperor". Tommy Lee Jones played Tommy Lee Jones. In reality, MacArthur made the decision exonerate Hirohito. He did not leave it up to Fellers.
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