Emily Kuroda

Worked With

Year Name Title
2010 Bruce Willis RED
2010 Rebecca Pidgeon RED
2010 Brian Cox RED
2010 Morgan Freeman RED
2010 Richard Dreyfuss RED
2010 John Malkovich RED
2010 Ernest Borgnine RED
2010 Helen Mirren RED
2010 Mary-Louise Parker RED
2010 Robert Morse RED
2009 Beverly D'Angelo Aussie and Ted
2007 Keith David The Sensei
2006 Sherilyn Fenn Gilmore Girls: I'm OK, You're OK
2006 Sherilyn Fenn Gilmore Girls: Just Like Gwen and Gavin
2006 Sherilyn Fenn Gilmore Girls: The Perfect Dress
2005 Claire Danes Shopgirl
2005 Steve Martin Shopgirl
2005 Rebecca Pidgeon Shopgirl
2004 Michael York Gilmore Girls: Afterboom
2004 Marion Ross Gilmore Girls: The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais
2003 Marion Ross Gilmore Girls: Face-Off
1997 Louise Fletcher Heartless
1997 Bo Svenson Heartless
1996 Piper Laurie ER: Take These Broken Wings
1996 Ron Eldard ER: Take These Broken Wings
1996 Marg Helgenberger ER: Take These Broken Wings
1992 Mimi Rogers Ladykiller
1992 Bob Gunton Ladykiller
1992 Alice Krige Ladykiller
1992 Bert Remsen Ladykiller
1991 Heather Locklear Dynasty: The Reunion
1991 John Forsythe Dynasty: The Reunion
1991 Jeroen Krabbé Dynasty: The Reunion
1991 Marcia Gay Harden Late for Dinner
1991 Peter Berg Late for Dinner
1991 Janeane Garofalo Late for Dinner
1991 Peter Gallagher Late for Dinner
1990 Judd Hirsch She Said No
1990 Lee Grant She Said No
1990 Mariclare Costello She Said No
1990 Lawrence Tierney Why Me?
1990 J.T. Walsh Why Me?
1990 Christopher Lloyd Why Me?
1990 Kim Greist Why Me?
1990 Christopher Lambert Why Me?
1990 Michael J. Pollard Why Me?
1989 Ethan Hawke Dad
1989 Zakes Mokae Dad
1989 Chris Lemmon Dad
1989 Kathy Baker Dad
1989 Ted Danson Dad
1989 Olympia Dukakis Dad
1989 Kevin Spacey Dad
1989 J.T. Walsh Dad
1989 Jack Lemmon Dad
1989 Danny Aiello The Preppie Murder
1989 Lara Flynn Boyle The Preppie Murder
1989 Sandra Bullock The Preppie Murder
1989 David Spielberg The Preppie Murder
1989 William Baldwin The Preppie Murder
1989 William Devane The Preppie Murder
1989 Lesley Ann Warren Worth Winning
1989 Mark Harmon Worth Winning
1989 Arthur Malet Worth Winning
1989 Madeleine Stowe Worth Winning
1986 Dorothy McGuire American Geisha
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