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Why can't you keep politics out of a promising sci fi flick?

By cuky
Written February 02, 2015
Bad choice to see a movie trying to preach to me about the bad bad rich people when all I wanted was a good sci fi flick. disappointed
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Slow mover

By deb6622
Written August 11, 2013
this could be a great movie but it is like they cut out all the good parts. The fight scenes were short and not very exciting. This movie was a little boring. I love the idea of this movie but they just fell short in presenting it
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By teds12
Written November 26, 2014
Besides being a feast for senses ,(exelently done on all levels ) the social message will ring loudly way after you leave the theator . teens and above
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Our future or not?

By steve183
Written November 26, 2015
There's a lot more to this film than meets the eye. Great cinematography and special effects....but the sociology and technological points of view presented could be a stark preview of coming societal phenomena. The dystopian atmosphere was not presented in such a way that it would be inappropriate for younger viewers. Sci-fi at its best. The acting was believable, the story was imaginative, the directing was superb...this guy knows what he's doing.
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Another left wing social commentary

By Lindarion
Written August 11, 2013
A left wing social commentary movie dressed up as a Science Fiction Action flick. The nasty white people, who for unknown reasons speak French, live in a technological utopia called Elysium which orbits the earth. The poor downtrodden masses, who all speak Spanish, live on Earth and they all wish to emigrate to Elysium for the free medical care that can be had there. I wonder where I heard something like this before? Oh yes, the 2012 Presidential campaign! By the end of the movie the downtrodden have triumphed and all become citizens! One is treated to a one and half hour propaganda film which extols the Democrat Party's viewpoint that citizenship for all immigrants legal or illegal is somehow a human right. If you belong to the half of the country that believes this is our future, then see the movie. If you belong to the other half of the country, you will find this movie deeply tiresome.
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