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Heavy Handed But Kinda Fun

By SouthernNYCgal
Written August 28, 2015
This movie would have been so much better if the subject matter had been handled more subtley. It was just too heavy handed and preachy to be effective as an allegory. But some parts were really fun, I particularly enjoyed the secondary villain, Krueger. But yeah, way too preachy to be completely enjoyable, or plausible- even for a sci-fi.
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Elysium misses the mark

By Kayakerrich
Written January 31, 2015
Strong premise and stunning CGI but after the opening twenty-minutes the film sags under its own weight. Many unanswered questions about motives and the interrelationships of characters. Also, the technology portrayed for the future seems to fly in the face of what already know about the technology trajectories. (i.e. heavy reliance on laptops.)
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By elaineart
Written May 07, 2015
In two words - it stunk! To waste good actors like Matt Damon and Jody Foster on this silly ridiculous movie that you forget about two seconds after you leave the theatre is a great shame. I really havent seen one good movie this year and I go to the movies every week. Cant they come up with something that makes sense?
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Great Story and Action

By greechy75
Written November 25, 2015
Very good movie. The story while set in the future with a space twist is not all that different from life today, the growing difference between wealth and poor divides and drives the story in this film. Damon is excellent as a man driven to make huge changes.
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Bad beyond belief!

By stf
Written August 11, 2013
What a monumental waste of time! The "evil" rich destroy the planet, move off, and usurp the poor (aka 99%) while living a life of luxury on a space station orbiting the decaying planet. Enter our (anti) hero and, at the expense of his own life, saves the 99% from a future more miserable than anyone could imagine. I had hoped the absurd exploding body parts would remain nestled in District 9, but low and behold, arbitrary acts of gratuitous blood and guts yet again were the mainstay of this intellectually idiotic film. Lesson learned.
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