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Heavy Handed But Kinda Fun

By SouthernNYCgal
Written January 26, 2015
This movie would have been so much better if the subject matter had been handled more subtley. It was just too heavy handed and preachy to be effective as an allegory. But some parts were really fun, I particularly enjoyed the secondary villain, Krueger. But yeah, way too preachy to be completely enjoyable, or plausible- even for a sci-fi.
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By teds12
Written November 26, 2014
Besides being a feast for senses ,(exelently done on all levels ) the social message will ring loudly way after you leave the theator . teens and above
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By chscott64
Written August 12, 2013
Overall I was disappointed. Instead of an action packed thriller, you get a hodge podge of sub plots that never really get entirely fleshed out. The Jodi Foster character is especially obtuse - you don't really get her or what she hopes to accomplish at all. The plot never gets going and the actors just plod along. It's OK for a rainy Sunday afternoon, but if I was to describe the movie using just one word???? Boring!
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By elaineart
Written September 02, 2014
In two words - it stunk! To waste good actors like Matt Damon and Jody Foster on this silly ridiculous movie that you forget about two seconds after you leave the theatre is a great shame. I really havent seen one good movie this year and I go to the movies every week. Cant they come up with something that makes sense?
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Slow mover

By deb6622
Written August 11, 2013
this could be a great movie but it is like they cut out all the good parts. The fight scenes were short and not very exciting. This movie was a little boring. I love the idea of this movie but they just fell short in presenting it
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