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Great Movie!

By travision49
Written September 02, 2015
Good acting, good writing, especially from the guy who did District 9. Matt Damon and Jodie Foster were great; a lot of action. It makes you think...
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"Elysium" For Sure

By Billy58
Written June 03, 2015
This is a great story. Whoever developed it deserves an award of some sort. The art direction and set decoration are first-class. The acting is really good. I'm a big Matt Damon fan, so I didn't need to be convinced, but Jodie Foster is excellent! And Wagner Moura as Spider is also very good. The direction is really very good; it has a "District 9" feel to it. See this movie!!
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Yeah, I Get the Social Inequality Thing Already

By Karen70
Written June 25, 2016
I'm a woman in my late 50's who still loves Sci-Fi. This movie shows the parallels between the struggles of people wanting to immigrate to Elysium and those who want legal citizenship in the U.S. in our time. I got the concept after the first 15 minutes, so I really didn't need to have it shoved down my throat for the next 2 hours. I was also a little disappointed in the portrayal of the Elysium structure itself. I wanted to see more futuristic sets, but it looked like they went to a country club in Florida to film most of it. The best special effects revolved around the robotic suit that Matt Damon's character wore, so if you are a Transformers-type fan, you might think it's great. Perhaps the budget was spent on securing the actors and not on the sets. Don't get me wrong - having to spend a couple of hours looking at Matt Damon is pretty entertaining in itself, but I still want an "other-worldly" experience if I'm going to see a movie in a theater.
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By chscott64
Written February 14, 2016
Overall I was disappointed. Instead of an action packed thriller, you get a hodge podge of sub plots that never really get entirely fleshed out. The Jodi Foster character is especially obtuse - you don't really get her or what she hopes to accomplish at all. The plot never gets going and the actors just plod along. It's OK for a rainy Sunday afternoon, but if I was to describe the movie using just one word???? Boring!
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By LuisFlorez
Written May 05, 2015
It promised more than it delivered. Fairly edited and poorly acted . The Story was very flat It is a pity seeing Matt Damon in this mediocre film. He should continue with "the Bourne" saga and he'll do better
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