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Missed Opportunity

By mperez
Written November 29, 2014
The premise is great. Not new - it's the same as Metropolis - but with a nice modern twist. Neil Blomkamp has already proven himself in re-inventig a rusty desperate future. But apart of that is a generic story with no real surprises. I got quickly bored of Max (Damon) and Kruger (the main villain) beating each other. The script is full of hole, inconsistencies and non sense. I felt plenty of opportunities to make great Sci-Fi they were all missed.
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By mvknoell
Written August 31, 2016
I went with my two 18 yr old nephews. I was concerned it might be too mature for them, but it was more like a space futuristic movie for young adults. We all thought it was really entertaining, action packed, good vs evil, and oddly pro universal health care. Go = you will like it.
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Obamacare to the rescue! The medical transports are on final approach.

By Elwood_Blues
Written July 27, 2016
I wish Matt would quit preaching his political philosophy with every project he takes on lately. Apparently, in the future, the entire Earth will speak primarily Spanish and will be kept from joining the promised land to the North (in this case, up) by an organization called "Homeland Security". Fortunately, along comes Matt to force redistribution of wealth and set things right. As we were walking out of the theater, my Son asked when I expected to see Elysium II where the people of Earth kill each other to divide the woefully small spoils of their takeover while the technology starts breaking down as nobody who has the ability has any motivation to create anything. If Matt really feels this way, I wonder why he doesn't start by giving everything he has to those who have not. After all, if he doesn't start while he still has ownership of his possessions, he'll just be seen as another greedy rich ******* who needed "help" to see the light.
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Very Intense Action in a beautifully executed environment

By kemptm
Written July 26, 2016
Pro: The environment is spectacular, particularly the integration of the CG with the environment. The action is nearly non-stop, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Matt Damon puts on a driven performance. A good ending -- with no chance of sequel! Con: The health machine was a step way too far for the rest of the technology. There were too many subplots that weren't brought to a complete and satisfying conclusion, particularly Secretary Delacort. Net: Good summer fare. Compares well with the other blockbusters.
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Socialist Agenda

By corbisayler
Written August 28, 2016
Was really looking forward to this film, but both hubby and I walked away disappointed. Lots of action. Lots of blood and brutality. Depressing as heck. Big, visual action/drama with an 'in your face' socialist message. M.D. had strong performance, but he tends to chose politically left-leaning roles and I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm considering one of his films. I like to be entertained at the movies, not brainwashed. LINCOLN was less political. Kinda long, not for kids under 15ish. Relationships underdeveloped. Jody Foster's worst performance ever - what was that accent that came & went? Her tailor gets ***** tho. Co-star would have been more believable if she'd fought back (if not to spare herself - to spare her child). I HATE it when movies portray women as defenseless wimps. And...' yes' the camera work was migraine worthy in a few scenes. Better choices out there, or you could stay home and cut the grass.
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