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By jaymandvr
Written August 24, 2013
The movie was ok. The characters were not very well fleshed out, and the plot was paper thin. The special effects and Matt Damon were effective, but Jody Foster forgot to bring her acting chops. The villain was silly as well. Alice Braga is beautiful as ever.
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Even great actors make mistakes!

By K imperiale
Written May 06, 2015
Matt, Matt, Matt, what were you thinking? One of the worst three movies I've ever seen, along with Joe Versus the Volcano and Time Travelers Wife! Jodi Fosters accent was ridiculous and whomever edited the movie, needs glasses, as when they were editing scenes with Jodi Foster, didn't anyone notice her earrings changed in every scene, even those that were supposed to be continuous. You know it's a bad movie when earrings and accents stand-out!
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Was a bit predictable

By amandasherlock
Written August 28, 2015
Great Sci-Fi big budget action movie that I had been waiting a long time to see. I think my problem was that I watched the trailer several times and (purely by coincidence) watched Oblivion on DVD the night before going to see Elysium so there were no surprises in the plot for me., I'd still recommend people go (but don't make my mistake and watch another big budget Sci Fi movie right before) and (probably) don't watch the trailer either. It gives too much away I think.
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Liberal Political Agenda Movie

By ramjet1964
Written December 28, 2014
Politically speaking, most of us are not too far to the right or left and fall somewhere near the middle. You could not have made a more American far left political in your face movie than this one. The whole plot is to give health care to the masses of earth now only reserved for those on Elysium. Elysium = The USA. They even call the protectors of Elysium, Homeland Security. They want to allow them all to have access, basically open it up like our American borders should be in their opinion. Amnesty for all, Healthcare for all, one world economy, and in the end, mass destruction. That part they don't play out at all. Who pays for all of this stuff? Someone always has to pay and holds the bills, and there are not enough rich people to pay for everyone. This movie forgets facts like that. What a wonderfully well made movie, well shot, and the acting is even decent. It is a big budget film with a Hollywood liberal agenda. Skip it, TOO LIBERAL! Oh it should be pronounced EliZeum!
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Elysium: not great, but pretty good.

By mppd73063
Written December 28, 2014
This movie is much like District 9 with a Hunger Games story line. Special effects are very good. Lots of action, but the story line has a few holes that must be overlooked. Overall, it is an enjoyable movie that is better viewed on the big screen.
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