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Another left wing social commentary

By Lindarion
Written August 11, 2013
A left wing social commentary movie dressed up as a Science Fiction Action flick. The nasty white people, who for unknown reasons speak French, live in a technological utopia called Elysium which orbits the earth. The poor downtrodden masses, who all speak Spanish, live on Earth and they all wish to emigrate to Elysium for the free medical care that can be had there. I wonder where I heard something like this before? Oh yes, the 2012 Presidential campaign! By the end of the movie the downtrodden have triumphed and all become citizens! One is treated to a one and half hour propaganda film which extols the Democrat Party's viewpoint that citizenship for all immigrants legal or illegal is somehow a human right. If you belong to the half of the country that believes this is our future, then see the movie. If you belong to the other half of the country, you will find this movie deeply tiresome.
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Good but not a classic

By jhs39
Written May 24, 2016
Elysium isn't as funny and weird as District 13 was but for a Hollywood blockbuster it's unusually brainy--and not in a Prometheus sense where the movie never works as a popcorn flick because it's too smart for its own good. Elysium is plenty exciting, with lots of action to go with its not very subtle political message that will undoubtedly have some on the right foaming at the mouth about left wing propaganda. Jodie Foster's character is basically a stand-in for those on the right who think that the poor are poor because they deserve to be, out of laziness or genetic inferiority, and that any attempt to help the poor at the expense of the obscenely rich is socialism and un-American to the core. Unfortunately the script and characters aren't strong enough to make Elysium a great film--it's more of an entertaining and thoughtful B movie with an A movie budget.
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By s_watching
Written September 05, 2015
Elysium is, overall, an enjoyable movie. The plot itself seems like an attempt to send a political message while technology interpretation is unrealistic in many circumstances. However, the action, acting, and set was extremely well done. Worth your time, but perhaps not one to see more than once.
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By zito105
Written July 26, 2016
A thin film, with a role-play-game set up via titling on screen. I thought a rule book might follow, though anyone who has seen Johnny Mnemonic or Strange Days would at least have experience. The thing meant to make us care, the relationship between the Max and his childhood sweetheart, is served cold; it's a romance with no romance. The actress, Alice Braga, acts like a converted pop singer making her first film. The hacker mumbo-jumbo, which one has come to expect in pictures like these, goes to new extremes of silliness. Spider needs all of two seconds to figure out the stolen code, even though only one citizen of Elysium could have written it. Did he put a summary in there for revolutionaries? And in the e-version of the giant EMERGENCY button in the engine room, he needs only retype "illegal" as "legal" to sign up the whole world for free medical treatment. There is one great moment and one great line: "What's in it for the hippo?" What's in it for you? Not much.
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Rediculous, too loud, too much blood and guts! Only a 12 year old could enjoy this movie!

By peg4900
Written January 20, 2017
The review said it was a thinking person's movie. I couldn't disagree more. On the other hand, it I had been thinking, I would have just walked out when it repeated the same thing over and over again. It is very frustrating because there don't seem to be ANY movies folks who aren't 12 years old can enjoy. Shame on you Hollywood!
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