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By oceandodge
Written August 16, 2016
I love Matt Damon and he was really great in this movie (as he is in all his movies). Jodie Foster was great too. My husband and I both loved the this movie. It is definitely a MUST GO.
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By pbibes
Written August 30, 2016
Even though it's not a masterpiece, after seeing all the bad movies that are constantly thrown at us by hollywood, this movie is refreshingly good !! I had a coke, some crunch a bunch and a good time for two hours. What more can you ask for?
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Visually Stunning, Botched Story

By ksternschein3
Written September 27, 2016
While the premise and general idea behind the story seemed great, they definitely missed the mark once it was all said and done with. Even with the stunning visuals throughout the film, I couldn't help but scratch my head when attempting to sort out the tangled web of story points. Definitely a film that you can wait to catch at home in a few months.
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Damon Awesome - Movie So-So

By drkimyoo
Written December 08, 2016
I can't imagine Matt Damon not doing an incredible job with any performance but choosing scripts may not be his strong suit in this case. The movie wants us to believe that the earth's people can not only be separated into rich and poor but also that those poor (except for one or two) do not have the brains or ingenuity to thrive and so barely survive, that the rich see those "others" as inhuman and easily disposed of, that you can drill large screws into human bone half the size and that person can then get right up and function normally - except that his radiation poisoning that will cause him to expire in 5 days hasn't been temporarily stalled with the convenient little pill he was given but hadn't taken... And no, I haven't given away the movie - that's pretty much the beginning and it stays right on pace from there. It's entertaining and certainly not the worst movie I have seen this year (that would be Lone Ranger), but not up to what we have come to expect from Damon movies
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Another left wing social commentary

By Lindarion
Written August 11, 2013
A left wing social commentary movie dressed up as a Science Fiction Action flick. The nasty white people, who for unknown reasons speak French, live in a technological utopia called Elysium which orbits the earth. The poor downtrodden masses, who all speak Spanish, live on Earth and they all wish to emigrate to Elysium for the free medical care that can be had there. I wonder where I heard something like this before? Oh yes, the 2012 Presidential campaign! By the end of the movie the downtrodden have triumphed and all become citizens! One is treated to a one and half hour propaganda film which extols the Democrat Party's viewpoint that citizenship for all immigrants legal or illegal is somehow a human right. If you belong to the half of the country that believes this is our future, then see the movie. If you belong to the other half of the country, you will find this movie deeply tiresome.
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