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Great Story and Action

By greechy75
Written August 12, 2013
Very good movie. The story while set in the future with a space twist is not all that different from life today, the growing difference between wealth and poor divides and drives the story in this film. Damon is excellent as a man driven to make huge changes.
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Two movies for the price of one.

By Sproing
Written August 20, 2013
First I'll review the surface movie which everyone will see. It's a typical special effects heavy actioneer with the usual excellent effects we've come to expect from Ridley Scott. It's fast paced and Matt Damon does his part to keep the movie pretty much focused and gives it what little character developement it has since none of the charactrs is very deeply drawn. The pace is so quick that even the somewhat lengthy prologue about his early life doeslittl o she any light on his present circumstances. The role of his major female protagonist is played by Jodi Foster who affects a strage accent that I could not place besides which she doesn't evidently reflect the true feelings of the actual residents of "Elysium" as she is portrayed as a somewhat rabid anti-illegal alien supporter. She must be the token nasty Republican. If you go to see it as entertainment it will not let you down. The character who spends the last half of the movie trying to kill Damon is almost worth the price .
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By Bear Icon
Written August 12, 2013
I had a great time! My experience was that it was a good story line along with excellent cinematography.. It covered everything from corporate/personal greed and drive, to compassion for the other main characters..All in all, an effective storytelling experience that catches you and didn't let go.. The action was paced properly to keep you interested, but not overwhelemed. I wouldn't take young cxhildren to see it though, a bit too graphic for younger minds. After my friends and I left the theater they asked what I thought.. I said," I'd see it again'!
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Good but not a classic

By jhs39
Written August 01, 2014
Elysium isn't as funny and weird as District 13 was but for a Hollywood blockbuster it's unusually brainy--and not in a Prometheus sense where the movie never works as a popcorn flick because it's too smart for its own good. Elysium is plenty exciting, with lots of action to go with its not very subtle political message that will undoubtedly have some on the right foaming at the mouth about left wing propaganda. Jodie Foster's character is basically a stand-in for those on the right who think that the poor are poor because they deserve to be, out of laziness or genetic inferiority, and that any attempt to help the poor at the expense of the obscenely rich is socialism and un-American to the core. Unfortunately the script and characters aren't strong enough to make Elysium a great film--it's more of an entertaining and thoughtful B movie with an A movie budget.
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Heavy Handed But Kinda Fun

By SouthernNYCgal
Written August 26, 2014
This movie would have been so much better if the subject matter had been handled more subtley. It was just too heavy handed and preachy to be effective as an allegory. But some parts were really fun, I particularly enjoyed the secondary villain, Krueger. But yeah, way too preachy to be completely enjoyable, or plausible- even for a sci-fi.
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