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So-So For Me, Go For You?

By MedRed
Written September 21, 2014
The Good: Elysium is a beautiful sci fi movie. With the exception of the healing machines, the depicted technology advancements seem completely plausible. The settings are amazingly well done, a lot of the details are very cool (i.e. the parole officer), and the action is great...though there's too much "shaky cam" during the chase and fight sequences. The Bad: Despite fantastic visuals, Elysium never drew me into the characters. Though Matt Damon gives a great performance, the setup for his actions of self preservation don't add up to a compelling reason to advance the movie. The plot never made me a believer in what was going on. The integrity of Elysium's story is even more suspect when contemplating the movie in retrospect. A contrived plot buoyed by a great setting and big budget execution will be a go for most. For me, it was meh There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back.
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Hollywood, Matt Damon, et al needs to keep out of politics

By rabidkoyote
Written October 27, 2014
This movie truly sucked a$$. Can't Hollywood make a movie now-a-days that doesn't have some connotation, a hidden message, a parallel to today's political events? This could have been a great sci-fi but instead Hollywood decided to embed themselves in current events. Anyone that didn't get the true intent behind this horrible movie needs to have their head examined. There went nearly two hours of my life that I'll never get back.
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By bulgerpaul
Written August 10, 2013
Four years after Neill Blomkamp's terrific debut with District 9, his followup is more than a mere disappointment. Despite the fantastic visual effects and spectacular action sequences, it's difficult to even appreciate Elysium on an aesthetic level, as the action is far too in-your-face and heavy on the shaky-cam technique to fully enjoy. Completing the package we have every cliche in the playbook, curiously mediocre performances despite the largely talented cast, a mechanic by-the-numbers script, a hypocritical, exaggerated, impractical message, and the overly self serious, self important tone escalated by its soundtrack vaporizes almost all of the fun that should have been had with this film. All in all, we're left with a movie that feels entirely "borrowed", bogged down with an ineffective Orwellian message under a constantly heavy tone that speaks no wisdom, and hardly any truth.
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Good effects but shaky camera

By akory99
Written August 11, 2013
I got such headache after watching Elysium!!! They use one of those "shaky camera" techniques, tough on your eyes. Also, the whole plot seemed politically correct, in a racist sort of way. I know, I know, how is it possible to be PC and racist? Well, the entire population of Elysium are these rich, entitled, classical-music listening Whites, while the poor schmucks still living on Earth is a swarming mass of poor, dirty, uneducated Mexicans. Imagine that: Los Angeles in 2152, crime-ridden, polluted, filled with Spanish-speaking masses! Nothing ever changes under the Sun, I guess. Acting: Jodi Foster was over-acting and not very good, while Matt Damon rocked! He truly is a great actor.
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Not What I Expected at All, So Much Better!

By mam2sing
Written July 30, 2014
When I saw the trailer for this movie I saw a dime a dozen guns blazing shoot'em up set in a cool sci-fi environment. That is most certainly not what I got. Where the action scenes fantastic, absolutely without a doubt. However, this takes one step further; Elysium is a movie that it able to explain why we are shooting these people up and what makes them so bad to the core. It also has a thrilling story line that kept me at the edge of my seat until the very end. I was not just rooting on Matt Damon because he was awesomely epic in every way possible. But because the story line explained just enough to show me why the people/things he was shooting needed to die. Defiantly a must see and I will admit worth the $10 for once. A note to parents, it is not rated "R" because of sex or anything of that sort, as a matter of fact there is no sex of any kind in the movie at all. It is however graphic violence, though not much worse that the latest Halo game, if you know what I mean.
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