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Yeah, I Get the Social Inequality Thing Already

By Karen70
Written October 10, 2015
I'm a woman in my late 50's who still loves Sci-Fi. This movie shows the parallels between the struggles of people wanting to immigrate to Elysium and those who want legal citizenship in the U.S. in our time. I got the concept after the first 15 minutes, so I really didn't need to have it shoved down my throat for the next 2 hours. I was also a little disappointed in the portrayal of the Elysium structure itself. I wanted to see more futuristic sets, but it looked like they went to a country club in Florida to film most of it. The best special effects revolved around the robotic suit that Matt Damon's character wore, so if you are a Transformers-type fan, you might think it's great. Perhaps the budget was spent on securing the actors and not on the sets. Don't get me wrong - having to spend a couple of hours looking at Matt Damon is pretty entertaining in itself, but I still want an "other-worldly" experience if I'm going to see a movie in a theater.
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High Expectation, Low Delivery

By myannish
Written October 20, 2014
After watching the trailers, I thought it would have a fantastic plot, high adrenaline action, and strong characters.... It did have a great base to become a fantastic story, but it fails miserably on the plot. With Matt Damon, you would expect great character depth and great action, Matt Damon did pretty well on his part, but the character depth and action were too weak. Human /Robot interactions were also very flimsily built! All in all, wasted my time and money!
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If you like infomercials from Obamacare and Immigration reform...maybe

By Dan Creps
Written July 03, 2015
This movie Jody Foster basically phoned it in, literally. And the ending was dumb, I especially hated the politics of the movie. I am really getting tired of rich people are bad, and poor people are good, and just had bad luck. I especially hated that they were trying to force a political agenda down my throat. i thought the acting was sub par.
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Decent Production of a Lousy Story

By SRGordon007
Written December 28, 2014
The production values for this film were quite good; unfortunately, the story and many of its elements were mediocre at best (though they might appeal more to those of a politically-liberal mindset).
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Save your money

By interceptor1750
Written August 11, 2013
Don't bother. Wait for it to come out in the Red Box. The plot sucked. Basically, all the poor Mexicans on Earth are trying to make it to Elysium (USA) to get free medical care. Jodi Foster's acting sucked, but she did a good Hilary Clinton impression. If you are into Si-Fi, you'll like the effects.
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