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Neill Blomkamp did it again

By ez2wire
Written May 28, 2016
Neill Blomkamp in a few short years has become one of the best writer/directors of Sci-Fi in a long time. If you saw District 9, just go.. Visually since District 9 was based in 2010 in an alternate universe, nothing says the Elysium world of 2154 couldn't be the same world. Is this an action flick YES, does the action drive the plot.. NO. As in District 9, the violence and action are part of the story, but not what drives the story. Blomkamp does a great job of balancing the morality tale, with great special effects, and a driven purpose by the lead character. Much like Ridley Scott in Blade Runner.. the "world" you find yourself in seems to be real, so the movie is about the story and the characters and not the place and time its set in.
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Was a bit predictable

By amandasherlock
Written July 26, 2016
Great Sci-Fi big budget action movie that I had been waiting a long time to see. I think my problem was that I watched the trailer several times and (purely by coincidence) watched Oblivion on DVD the night before going to see Elysium so there were no surprises in the plot for me., I'd still recommend people go (but don't make my mistake and watch another big budget Sci Fi movie right before) and (probably) don't watch the trailer either. It gives too much away I think.
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Two movies for the price of one.

By Sproing
Written August 20, 2013
First I'll review the surface movie which everyone will see. It's a typical special effects heavy actioneer with the usual excellent effects we've come to expect from Ridley Scott. It's fast paced and Matt Damon does his part to keep the movie pretty much focused and gives it what little character developement it has since none of the charactrs is very deeply drawn. The pace is so quick that even the somewhat lengthy prologue about his early life doeslittl o she any light on his present circumstances. The role of his major female protagonist is played by Jodi Foster who affects a strage accent that I could not place besides which she doesn't evidently reflect the true feelings of the actual residents of "Elysium" as she is portrayed as a somewhat rabid anti-illegal alien supporter. She must be the token nasty Republican. If you go to see it as entertainment it will not let you down. The character who spends the last half of the movie trying to kill Damon is almost worth the price .
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By Bear Icon
Written October 07, 2015
I had a great time! My experience was that it was a good story line along with excellent cinematography.. It covered everything from corporate/personal greed and drive, to compassion for the other main characters..All in all, an effective storytelling experience that catches you and didn't let go.. The action was paced properly to keep you interested, but not overwhelemed. I wouldn't take young cxhildren to see it though, a bit too graphic for younger minds. After my friends and I left the theater they asked what I thought.. I said," I'd see it again'!
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It was A-Ok, less than what I expected...

By mavram
Written October 13, 2015
Elysium comes up short in my book. I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies, and the previews for this movie looked great. Overall, it was disappointing, yet not terrible. The BAD: 1) characters are not convincing, and some of their plots seem way over the top. I just was not buying a few of the acts (the major ones!). 2) Very shaky CAM activities at times, which does not help. 3) I kept looking at my watch.... serious YAWN... 4) It is a movie, yet between the political drifts and unrealistic potential future gadgets, it should have been a cartoon. THE GOOD: The concept of Elysium is beautiful... grossly unrealistic, yet beautiful. Therefore, beautiful visuals on Elysium. Would not recommend it as a must see. It's too bad.
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