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By oceandodge
Written October 01, 2014
I love Matt Damon and he was really great in this movie (as he is in all his movies). Jodie Foster was great too. My husband and I both loved the this movie. It is definitely a MUST GO.
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By pbibes
Written July 07, 2015
Even though it's not a masterpiece, after seeing all the bad movies that are constantly thrown at us by hollywood, this movie is refreshingly good !! I had a coke, some crunch a bunch and a good time for two hours. What more can you ask for?
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An alright movie

By spacebrat93
Written August 20, 2013
Elysium is an alright movie with a bunch of side stories blended in very well. Now for those who haven't seen the movie *SPOILER ALERT*. The movie ends with paramedics on Elysium going down to Earth to aid the poor which brings up to problems. 1) If the people on ELysium are all rich and own those beds that heal people then why have paramedics? and 2) Why not just give the Earthlings some aid. The whole reason people are trying to get on Elysium is to get healed while other folks may have different intentions the whole movie is solely based on getting healed. Another issue I had was the illegals. Why would the Earthlings border hop onto Elysium when everyone up there is well established getting onto Elysium doesn't make you rich so you would still be homeless up there so why risk it? And with the illegals why is it whenever someone broke into a house to get onto those healing beds it seemed no one was home, everyone's rich so they don't need jobs. I would say this is a straight to dvd.
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By carrie182
Written May 26, 2015
Elysium is a cross between Mad Max, Gattaca, and Oliver Twist. Typical plot devices made several elements and characters predictable and boring. I'm also not a fan of the shaky camera during running or fighting scenes. I don't need to feel like it's happening to me; I want to see the action. Also Elysium really hits you over the head with the social commentary. And what is up with showing the SAME flash back 3 times? The EXACT same flash back. It never even goes deeper giving the audience an Ah Ha moment. Bonus points: Go see it with a group of people (like I did) because you will have a mixed bag of people who really liked and those like me who were bored outta their minds. Then go out to dinner or drinks and lively conversation will ensue. The conversations about the movie were far more enlightening and entertaining then the actual movie. And maybe that's the whole point.
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Visually Stunning, Botched Story

By ksternschein3
Written March 31, 2015
While the premise and general idea behind the story seemed great, they definitely missed the mark once it was all said and done with. Even with the stunning visuals throughout the film, I couldn't help but scratch my head when attempting to sort out the tangled web of story points. Definitely a film that you can wait to catch at home in a few months.
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