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Elysium Synopsis
In 2159, the wealthy live on a luxurious space station, while the poor scrape by in Earth's ruins.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
Damon’s everyman workhorse is tragically sympathetic, plodding ahead against all odds. Copley is brilliant as the sadistic villain. Foster...
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The Playlist

By Kevin Jagernauth
With Elysium, Blomkamp has made good on the promise of "District 9" and proven that working on a bigger canvas doesn't mean compromising on...
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By Kim Newman
Not perfect, but a much more satisfying Earth-in-ruins film than Oblivion or After Earth. It is a little more conventional than District 9...
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The New Yorker

By Anthony Lane
At last, a good big film. The legacy of the summer, thus far, has been jetsam: moribund movies that lie there, bloated and beached, gasping...
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By Scott Foundas
Even working within a more conventional framework, Blomkamp again proves to be a superb storyteller. He has a master’s sense of pacing,...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
Like District 9, an allegory of apartheid that took four Oscar nods and put Blomkamp on the map, Elysium delivers sci-fi without dumbing it...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
The film provides an intelligently imagined future world.
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Miami Herald

By Rene Rodriguez
Elysium, the second movie from writer-director Neill Blomkamp, isn’t quite as inventive or fresh as his knockout debut, 2009’s "District...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Decidedly more thought-provoking than most big-studio summer fare.
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By Eric Kohn
If Elysium is the brainiest Hollywood movie of the summer, it's also the most conflicted one.
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So-So For Me, Go For You?

By MedRed
The Good: Elysium is a beautiful sci fi movie. With the exception of the healing machines, the depicted technology advancements seem completely plausible. The settings are amazingly well done, a lot...

Hollywood, Matt Damon, et al needs to keep out of politics

By rabidkoyote
This movie truly sucked a$$. Can't Hollywood make a movie now-a-days that doesn't have some connotation, a hidden message, a parallel to today's political events? This could have been a great...


By bulgerpaul
Four years after Neill Blomkamp's terrific debut with District 9, his followup is more than a mere disappointment. Despite the fantastic visual effects and spectacular action sequences, it's...

Good effects but shaky camera

By akory99
I got such headache after watching Elysium!!! They use one of those "shaky camera" techniques, tough on your eyes. Also, the whole plot seemed politically correct, in a racist sort of way. I...

Terrible movie, and I like Matt Daymon + SciFi but this movie is crap.

By joebell72
This movie is nothing more than a political agenda film. To sum it up. Rich white people and Indians move to a huge satellite and keep everyone else who is not a rich white/Indian person from...

ELYSIUM. 1: the abode of the blessed after death in classical mythology .

By elanltd
This was a So-So! I feel the title missed the mark as it does not really have any association to the main theme. Though kids won't notice I did not care about the injection into the story of...

Not What I Expected at All, So Much Better!

By mam2sing
When I saw the trailer for this movie I saw a dime a dozen guns blazing shoot'em up set in a cool sci-fi environment. That is most certainly not what I got. Where the action scenes fantastic,...

Elysium - Great Science Fiction Flick!

By rw3829928
I enjoyed watching this movie. It was something I have not seen before...very imaginative. It was entertaining to me...others have reviewed this as a so-so movie, but for my entertainment dollar, I...

Pretty awesome, unique

By Bekki25
Much enjoyed, good mix of sci fi, emotional, drama, action and good plot. Kept you thinking the whole time and great visuals. Nice to see a new film with unique story that hasn't been done 100 times....

Many unnecessary errors

By Ironmanxp
Overall an ok film. I enjoyed the look and feel and the graphic effects were well done, The problem lies in the detail of the story and some scenes where the plausibility and the reality of how...

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Rated R | For Strong bloody violence and language throughout
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Common Sense Media says Dazzling but heavy-handed sci-fi has violence, language.
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