Lovely to look at.

By ChefJ196718
Written September 22, 2014
Visually stunning. Some plot dead ends like suspiciously vacant houses on Elysium - a condition that could have been explained away with one scene. Jodie Foster didn't ruin it, though is still playing the same role she has for 20 years. Matt Damon, also playing "his" character didn't ruin it either. Nice premise, super shots, well done for the directory - the "names" will attract for him.
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Story was full of holes!

By gmorgan341
Written September 16, 2014
Twists and breakthroughs were "thrown" into the storyline for convenience. WHAT was that Jody Foster accent supposed to be? Great visual effects though - not worth the $20.00.
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A mess of a film

By hovaness
Written July 24, 2014
Elysium can't seem to make up its mind about its story. The protagonist stumbles through a series of accidents, culminating in saving the planet in order to save a little girl. The incoherent story seems to be a pretext for a great deal of close-quarters combat, something that would likely be obsolete in a high-tech society capable of orbiting a gigantic utopian habitat. If you want to learn how we have progressed from hitting each other with sticks to bashing each other with exo-skeleton suits, go see Elysium. The worst part of the experience was being involuntarily subjected to a 10 minute trailer for an upcoming Metallica film, probably the loudest, ugliest and most disturbing piece of cinema I have ever seen. It will be a long time before I sit in an IMAX theater again.
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Slow lead-up to good action

By mkmcgovern2
Written October 20, 2014
I was stoked to see Damon and Foster in a sci-fi action flick and they didn't disappoint. Movie was a bit slow to pick up so you could learn the characters and relationships - wasn't totally necessary. Once the action picked up it was great and I liked that Damon wasn't invincible with his armor. He balanced well between human trying to survive and super-charged hero kicking butt. Also had some really awesome supporting cast. Spider was fantastic and Kruger was hard to understand sometimes but definitely an interesting character who added to the action.
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By likeaplot
Written October 23, 2014
Matt Damon was good and it had an okay story line, but three fourths of the way through there was a bunch of worthless fights and explosions.
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