Disappointing movie

By hotchoco801
Written August 12, 2013
I was very expecting to see this movie because I like Matt and I have enjoyed most of his action movies but this was no no. I felt like wasting of time and money all together. Story sucks and ending is so childish to tell the love story.
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ok but short and

By dariv
Written August 10, 2013
not much of a story, A lot of build up for little delivery of anything but nice acting and special effect. How about some more story development
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So Close

By Garconbleu
Written August 15, 2013
I so many ways this movie is good. It does not pander to an audience it's notions of tech in the future, this is what it is and how it works. There are some missed opportunities to give depth and meaning to the antagonists here that could have made them more human and really given the movie a more grey quality. As it stands as much as I enjoyed the ride I didn't feel like Damon's character embodied his latin roots or even acknowledge them outside a few pieces of spanish dialog. There was a very heavy handed black and white us versus them feel that just felt like classism for the sake of plot. It could have been handled with greater depth and would not have taken away from a solid movie.
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Futuristic concept and special effects drew me to see it . . . story line was blah

By alyssaz11.44
Written August 19, 2013
I saw this in IMAX expecting an incredible experience, however, the accents of some of the characters made the dialog extremely hard to follow at a gazillion decibels, and the action scenes were shot in a way that they almost seemed blurry in the IMAX format. As for the plot, in a word, lame . . . rich people act like stereo typical rich people and crap on the less fortunate people! They tried to make Matt Damon's character interesting by giving him a kind of destiny and deeper meaning, but the back story about the penal system was hardly believable and barely provoked any real empathy for his character. I found it flat. Would have much preferred the idea of Elysium, with a plot and IMAX experience like Oblivion! Now THAT was an excellent movie in IMAX and a heck of a more engaging plot. Tom Cruz I could take or leave, but I enjoyed that 10 times more than Elysium.
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Is Elysium the US & Earth Those who want to be US Citizens?

By Pbrejcha
Written August 11, 2013
First of all let me say I'm not a huge sci-Fi, end of the world movie fan, so having said that if you're like me you should pass. Like all end of the earth movies, the people on earth are dirty in body and clothes and all earth people live in squalor, trash blowing, grafitti everywhere & robots unfairly in charge of the infrastructure. Life on Elysium is like living at a Ritz Carlton . "All" people have in implant or tattoo on their wrist that indicates if they are a citizen. All the dirty, poor, earth people living in squalor are not citizens and those on Elysium are citizens & of course have money. . Other than the obvious advantages of living in Elysium, there is a magnificent machine on Elysium that cures everything from terminal diseases to body part reconstruction. The plot never explains how this division of people happened, but of course all want to live on Elysium with all it's advantages and miracle machine. Very Loud & disjointed plot, skip it or wait for DVR FF assist.
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