Commercial for Obamacare

By plato_at_the_movies
Written August 29, 2016
Why would you do a liberal left wing movie about Obamacare. Those rich French speaking (Jodie Foster horrible French) people of Elysium living like GODS and Jesus (Max) played poorly by Matt Damon giving the lowly earthlings good health care that they never get on earth but Gods of Elysium have as routine in their heavenly Elysium. The rich (haves) don't care about the poor (havenots) and don't mind killing the poor earthlings for their self interest and godly healthcare. Jesus-Max gives up his life and suffers for 5 days of radiation poisoning (on the cross) before he dies for his people, praise be the Lord (Max) and his little people now have healthcare.
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It's a liberal film maker's wet dream

By leannrice86
Written October 25, 2016
The sound quality and special effects were very good from an entertainment point of view. The message in the film however was nothing more than left-wing propaganda meant to indoctrinate the masses. Why do film makers and actors insist on wearing their political views on their sleeves while attempting to shove their opinions of what they feel is right and wrong down everyone elses throats? How about Hollywood going back to making fun, adventurous, and entertaining movies as they used to be instead making a movies full of political innuendo???
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Worth seeing it on the big screen!

By michaelcoozy
Written October 25, 2016
This director, just as in Distcict 9, makes you thoroughly believe you are in a realistic, plausible future! Great special effects, good action, good story, and pure entertainment the whole 2 hours! Worth seeing in IMAX and definitely worth seeing on the theater versus waiting for Blu-ray!
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By fireteam
Written October 26, 2016
I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. The plot was interesting without being too complicated. There was plenty of action without being too gory. The actors were believable as was the premiss. Yes, a lot of the ideas came straight out of science fiction books, but presented in such a believable way that you'll leave the theater thinking how a few generations on are going to cope with the ultimate class separation & ways to prevent the gap from getting that huge.
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Political Social Media at its worst

By Subby
Written December 10, 2016
Although the Actors did there best and were good at what they did the story line was an old tired Hollywood story line of trying to force even more devision of the Haves and the Have Nots. This movie went as far as to show that those that have worked and made something of them selves are arrogant, uncaring and to be loathed. This movie also went as far as to say that it is okay and IMHO good for the those that are thieves, cut throats and did not make something of themselves to over throw and take from others. In the end the movie showed that it was all about Universal Health Care for All. This does not give anything to motivate themselves to do better but rather to Expect hand outs and steal steal from others.
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