So-So For Me, Go For You?

By MedRed
Written February 11, 2016
The Good: Elysium is a beautiful sci fi movie. With the exception of the healing machines, the depicted technology advancements seem completely plausible. The settings are amazingly well done, a lot of the details are very cool (i.e. the parole officer), and the action is great...though there's too much "shaky cam" during the chase and fight sequences. The Bad: Despite fantastic visuals, Elysium never drew me into the characters. Though Matt Damon gives a great performance, the setup for his actions of self preservation don't add up to a compelling reason to advance the movie. The plot never made me a believer in what was going on. The integrity of Elysium's story is even more suspect when contemplating the movie in retrospect. A contrived plot buoyed by a great setting and big budget execution will be a go for most. For me, it was meh There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back.
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Elysium: Hard to watch and heavy-handed

By jamesrmeehan
Written February 07, 2016
The hand-held camera work that they used for all the scenes on Earth was so jiggly that you could get nauseous just watching the film, and on a big screen, it's worse. In the fight scenes, the camera is so close to the actors, and the film cuts are so quick, that you can't tell who's doing what. If you haven't seen "Elysium" yet, you might find it easier to watch on a TV. The story is OK but hammers home the point over and over, and the music blares lots of ominous low notes so many times that it loses all its impact. Matt Damon is sincere and tattooed; Jody Foster is fine, funny accent and all. I thought "Oblivion" and "Pacific Rim" were far better films. For more sci fi, I hope "Gravity" will be good, because I'm not going to pay money to see "Ender's Game."
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Excellent Movie, Period.

By lp104
Written September 02, 2016
Great premise, solid cast, spectacular action, edge of your seat intensity, beautiful special effects and cinematography, and pure sci-fi adventure with a heart! I don't know what else to say... other than Elysium in IMAX completely delivered on every level for me and my 7 family members! I'd go see it again in a heartbeat! Oh yeah, and all this talk about this movie being a big leftist, Obamacare commercial is pretty much idiotic! JUST PLAIN DUMB!! Think about it, if an incredibly small percentage of the human population were hoarding extraordinary life saving (cancer curing) medical care and technology in a private fortress dangling just above the earth, but you were excluded from using it even when in dire need of it, would you just lay down and die? HELL NO! You and anyone who wants to LIVE, which is nearly every human being, would want that technology to be shared so that you and your family could continue to exist! It's simple, self-preservation! We all have this instinct!
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Good but not to the level of District 9

By Moviemunk
Written October 01, 2016
The film has an excellent, maybe too scary premise that the "haves" now live on a space station and the "have-nots" are left to starve and live on a polluted, overcrowded earth. Damon is very good and all the supporting roles are good, especially Kruger, the actor who played Vickers in D9. Viciously funny here. Jodi Foster would have been better without the upper-crust accent of sorts. SFX are top shelf and the film looks great especially in IMAX. However, the film just felt a bit lacking in story considering the scope of the premise and it felt a bit short for me. We really don't get into the lives of anyone on Elysium and some of the characters were a bit two dimensional. In D9 there seemed to be more character development and in this film was hell bent on getting the action going. Not saying the action isn't great but the film just left me with wanting something more for such a grand premise. In the end, I enjoyed myself but was expecting a bigger story from this team.
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Disappointing movie

By hotchoco801
Written December 10, 2016
I was very expecting to see this movie because I like Matt and I have enjoyed most of his action movies but this was no no. I felt like wasting of time and money all together. Story sucks and ending is so childish to tell the love story.
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