An almost believable tale

By scott_fandango_user
Written September 03, 2013
The look of this film was fantastic. The dystopia was certainly believable. In the end it become an allegory about the need for universal healthcare. The film was clever and realistic up to the last few minutes, and its sharp look forgives any sins committed as the movie wraps up.
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Elysium looks like a homage to Philip K. ****

By the_bird_is_the_word
Written August 12, 2013
I liked this movie. It looked a lot like, "Blade Runner," one of the sci-fi movie classics. It is a very topical film. It tackles the 99% versus the 1% issue, the universal health care issue, and the immigration issue loosely. Some of the special effects are questionable, like the open air space station. How does the wheel shaped space station keep its atmosphere? Where do the space shuttles store their fuel? What kind of fuel do the space shuttles use? All in all it is a very entertaining sc-fi flick with excessive violence. It is very fast paced. It could be a hit and maybe a classic.
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big obamacare commercial

By lesrose3
Written July 28, 2014
semi good - seems major problem with elitism is poor medical care for the have-nots ps. I will try to avoid HP computers after being subjected to about 12 ads for same while searching movies
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If you like blood, graphic violence and loudness...this movie is it!!!

By garycooper675
Written August 11, 2013
I was quite surprised at the graphic nature of the movie. Blood, graphic violence, bodies exploding...this movie has it all. What I thought was a simple "Life at the end of civilization" movie, was pleasantly well-crafted once you got past the violence. Matt Damon is great but it's so hard to watch Jason Bourne get his ***kicked now and then. :) I'm not used to him being hurt EVER. The lead actress is very good and pretty on top of the powerful acting. Jodie Foster is so forced in her role. But I'll let you try to figure out which accent she's trying to present. DEFINITELY not a movie for kids or squeamish people. But enjoyable for the rest of us.
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By jalemanjr187
Written August 12, 2013
A futuristic version of what we have right now; Earth= Mexico (or any other "3rd world country"), Elysium= USA, distance between Mexico and USA in this movie can be seen as space, they have "Coyotes"= smugglers, you get caught trying to cross that border you get either shot or deported back to the slums...not much has changed if this is Hollywood's version of the future...I think I'd rather not be here for it...and can someone pls tell me why the only ppl in Elysium were white/ European (not a single minority in the spaceship)?!! That being said I have another bone to pick, Mat Damon...I don't speak a word of German or Italian but it seems to me like you did really well rehearsing the role for The Bourne movies, why was it that what I consider simple words/ phrases in this movie seemed like you struggled to pronounce?...back to the movie, THANK GOD FOR THE GREAT WHITE HOPE!
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