Best Film Of The year

By rickdeckard1
Written January 26, 2015
Ok, actually tied with Superman but this one had more earnest and heart than superman did, the political message a bit heavy but otherwise very solid film.
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By fireteam
Written April 30, 2016
I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. The plot was interesting without being too complicated. There was plenty of action without being too gory. The actors were believable as was the premiss. Yes, a lot of the ideas came straight out of science fiction books, but presented in such a believable way that you'll leave the theater thinking how a few generations on are going to cope with the ultimate class separation & ways to prevent the gap from getting that huge.
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Worth seeing it on the big screen!

By michaelcoozy
Written May 28, 2016
This director, just as in Distcict 9, makes you thoroughly believe you are in a realistic, plausible future! Great special effects, good action, good story, and pure entertainment the whole 2 hours! Worth seeing in IMAX and definitely worth seeing on the theater versus waiting for Blu-ray!
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Good enough for Saturday night

By Weaseler
Written January 30, 2015
The special effects are great, and Damon does a good job. But the story line is weak. They probably should have had fewer characters, and developed them better. Not enough time was devoted to Elysium and the environment that had been created there. If I had written it I would have spent more time on the character played by Jodie Foster.
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Boring, simplistic, unimaginative, and boring

By zeidman
Written February 10, 2016
In an early scene, Matt Damon's nasty boss insists he go into the dangerous elevator and dislodge the door from the inside. While it makes no sense (why does an elevator get irradiated? why would any sane person go in? how does anyone expect him to get out?), he agrees and of course gets a lethal dose of radiation. There's no explanation for most of the movie--you just know that rich people are evil, corporate heads are evil, politicians are evil, and poor people are mostly evil with a few exceptions like the dying, innocent little girl with the big eyes and soft voice. The action scenes are so chopped up that it's impossible to tell who's winning until the action stops and we see who's standing. Damon's outfit looks like a cheap plastic Halloween costume that dangles from his body. Does it give him super-strength? Sometimes it does, but most of the time he gets thrown all over the place. Avoid this ho-hum movie; it has nothing to offer.
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