Good enough for Saturday night

By Weaseler
Written January 30, 2015
The special effects are great, and Damon does a good job. But the story line is weak. They probably should have had fewer characters, and developed them better. Not enough time was devoted to Elysium and the environment that had been created there. If I had written it I would have spent more time on the character played by Jodie Foster.
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Lovely to look at.

By ChefJ196718
Written May 06, 2015
Visually stunning. Some plot dead ends like suspiciously vacant houses on Elysium - a condition that could have been explained away with one scene. Jodie Foster didn't ruin it, though is still playing the same role she has for 20 years. Matt Damon, also playing "his" character didn't ruin it either. Nice premise, super shots, well done for the directory - the "names" will attract for him.
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By Boldhearted
Written August 11, 2013
Complete waste of time to see. Wait until it comes out on your movie channel. I wasted $39 for ImaX that fits more like a movie on SyFi channel. You rarely see Elysium at all or why it was made. You spend most time on Earth that is a poor zone. Matt is just terrible in this, such a wooshy type of person. Jody was nothing in this movie, guess she need a tax write off for next year. Don't see this and waste your money. What you have seen on TV for the movie is the movie no new surprises and my partner and I both fell asleep off and on during the movie if that tells you anything...
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By Guillo V
Written January 30, 2015
It looked like it was shot in the same location like District 9. Gritty, kind of clever, and pretty entertaining. It didn't reinvented the wheel though. The bad guy didn't felt that bad. The story was kind of predictable. Great action sequence and stellar special effects. If you like science fiction movies you'll be pleased with this one.
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It's about access to health care!

By zendalover
Written January 29, 2015
At its essence it's about a battle for access to health care! With a subtheme around immigration. Visuyally a mashup of Blade Runner, MadMax and several others. That the real bad guy has a South African accent presumably and solely because the director is South African tells the commitment to integrity in the process. It's well made,and Matt Damon has great intrinsic appeal, so roughly a 7 out of a 10. Read Ringworld by Larry Niven for a fuller exploration of the concept.
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