Elysium looks like a homage to Philip K. ****

By the_bird_is_the_word
Written October 25, 2014
I liked this movie. It looked a lot like, "Blade Runner," one of the sci-fi movie classics. It is a very topical film. It tackles the 99% versus the 1% issue, the universal health care issue, and the immigration issue loosely. Some of the special effects are questionable, like the open air space station. How does the wheel shaped space station keep its atmosphere? Where do the space shuttles store their fuel? What kind of fuel do the space shuttles use? All in all it is a very entertaining sc-fi flick with excessive violence. It is very fast paced. It could be a hit and maybe a classic.
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An almost believable tale

By scott_fandango_user
Written December 20, 2014
The look of this film was fantastic. The dystopia was certainly believable. In the end it become an allegory about the need for universal healthcare. The film was clever and realistic up to the last few minutes, and its sharp look forgives any sins committed as the movie wraps up.
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Left wing rubbish, dressed up as a sci-fi story, not worth your time

By davebrewer884
Written August 18, 2013
Propaganda dressed up as a movie. If you leave health care in the hands of the BAD corporations, who will do anything to make a profit, then all the great health care advances are locked up and only available for a few. All you have to do to fix this, is have a societal revolt, and then everyone gets to share equally in all the latest technology. The underlying concept was rubbish. Nice match to all Mike Moore's tirades against capitalism, while he lines his own pockets with the profits. Hypocritcal. Nice performance by Jody Foster, playing a french woman and speaking English with an accurate French accent.
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Little dissapointing

By jprall166
Written September 15, 2014
"The IMAX Experience" isn't. It's the normal theater aspect ratio and doesn't come close to filling the screen of an IMAX theater. Jodie Foster was particularly disappointing. Weird accent, crappy character, melodramatic, and just not the Jodie Foster who is usually pretty awesome. The camera shaking is overdone. Storyline is OK, but just. After watching Pacific Rim: the IMAX Experience, I was pretty underwhelmed by this movie.
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By Boldhearted
Written August 11, 2013
Complete waste of time to see. Wait until it comes out on your movie channel. I wasted $39 for ImaX that fits more like a movie on SyFi channel. You rarely see Elysium at all or why it was made. You spend most time on Earth that is a poor zone. Matt is just terrible in this, such a wooshy type of person. Jody was nothing in this movie, guess she need a tax write off for next year. Don't see this and waste your money. What you have seen on TV for the movie is the movie no new surprises and my partner and I both fell asleep off and on during the movie if that tells you anything...
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