By Blumantis
Written April 25, 2015
I came into this movie with great expectation, and was left disappointed. Just what was it that the critics loved so much about this movie when they trashed The Lone Ranger? I haven't a clue, unless there's a liberal agenda here. The Lone Ranger - while overshadowed by Johnny Depp - borrowed much from history and mixed plausible but over-the-top adventure with great humor. Elysium seemed far-fetched from the standpoint of plot, technology, social order, and human interaction. I'm a scientist and love sci fi. There were lots of gadgets, but they made no sense to me. The something-from-nothing magic health care machines made no sense to me. Elysium government run by software made no sense to me. The romance had the sizzle of puppy love. Fight scenes were confusing and showed no realistic martial choreography. Somebody spent a lot of money working with a perfectly awful plot, and hoped that a few stars would rescue the movie. For me it didn't. Save your money and watch it on cable
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Should Have Been Called This Is What Hollywood Thinks of America

By barryday
Written April 27, 2015
As a sci-fi action flick, it wasn't bad. The visuals were stunning, the technological premises were pretty good. The villains weren't convincing, though, but I could at least understand their motivations (even if they were pretty far over the top). What I didn't like was the 100% constant in-your-face politics of the movie. Elysium is what Hollywood thinks of the United States. It's a Haves vs. Have-Nots. And for whatever reason, the Haves possess a magic healing machine. They choose not to let the Have Nots use these machines. Why? Umm...well...simply because they don't want to? So clearly the Haves are heartless, soulless Republicans who simply don't care about anybody else. And once all the rich people left Earth, THE ENTIRE PLANET FALLS INTO THIRD WORLD SQUALOR. Oh, and there are plenty of Iraq War references in the movie as well. If you're a huge liberal, you might love this. If you don't buy into socialism, you'll be annoyed by the preachy-ness of this movie.
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Another Promising Director Corrupted by Hollywood. Instantly!

By joemcder
Written August 22, 2013
The movie displays all the superb technical qualities that ONLY Hollywood can produce. The South African director Neill Blomkamp showed promise in District 9, an uneven but hightly original SciFi movie. So what happened? If Matt Damon and Jody Foster had been given 30 minutes of real acting time, this might have been an very good movie. Instead the movie feels like somebody pushed the fast foward button and forgot to turn it off. You may find this movie an entertaining mindless summer flick. But all I can see is a sizable investment in money and talent flushed down the toilet.
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By kriswaterman
Written December 19, 2014
Film is a masterpiece - effects top notch - attention to detail - story original and a wild ride from start to finish. Couldn't recommend it more, unless you haven't seen district 9, which could tid you over until you see this.
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Best Film Of The year

By rickdeckard1
Written January 26, 2015
Ok, actually tied with Superman but this one had more earnest and heart than superman did, the political message a bit heavy but otherwise very solid film.
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