High budget video game

By gregcate
Written July 29, 2014
So violent it became boring. Story was a rehash of rich vs poor, what story there was. Jody Foster has apparently forgot how to act. Threatened violence against a child is disturbing and annoying. Matt Damon was Matt Damon. The cgi was good so if you go to the movies to admire cgi then its ok, otherwise don't bother.
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Have and Have Not Fable

By Jazzyfin
Written October 30, 2014
It's always interesting to see how hollywood depicts the haves and have not approach to life on Earth and beyond. In this tale they give this premise the ability to right the wrongs of the haves and have nots. A must see if you are into seeing the little guy win with a twist.
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Awesome movie

By meteoman23
Written September 23, 2014
I thought the movie was very good. Action packed but also emotional. Overall the graphics were great and the IMAX experience made it better. I'm really glad they didn't do IMAX 3D because I enjoy regular IMAX better.
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above averge, not great

By SweepTheLeg32
Written July 26, 2014
Interesting idea , good effects, some nice action sequences, and a solid job by Damon (throwaway job by Foster) but was too predictable a too preachy. I've red others scream about the "political agenda" the movie "forces down your throat, etc. etc. etc. ..." but that didn't stop me from enjoying the movie. Agree or disagree with any message, I want to be entertained. This movie did that but it also seemed to wave an admonishing finger in the face of anyone with extra money in their pocket. Despite that, yes, I enjoyed the movie as a whole, but was or overwhelmed by it.
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"Shaky" camera ruins what would be the only redeeming feature of this film..

By Ghii Zhar
Written November 22, 2014
Why, Oh why spend a several million $$$ on an IMAX HD film only to shake the camera so badly that you can barely recognize what is occurring!! ...and WHY do we need yet another story about evil rich white guys (and gals) beating down on all other ethnicities? Scenery and special effects were outstanding for the most part, but not good enough to make sitting through the contrived, predictable, non-innovative story...
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