Great SFX and Good Story but need more character development

By Neokanobi
Written November 29, 2014
The Movie seeing in IMAX was amazing the SFX, it is as real as it can be and how the future might look in 140 years. Unfortunately the characters were not well developed, you don't really connect with most of them but they are all good actors. For me beyond the SFX in a sfi story and the story itself, I like to connect with the characters the Good ones (what brought them to do the things they are doing )and the Bad ones (I like to really hate them because of all the bad things they do.) There were good and bad characters but there was no depth to them. A lot of friends that saw the movie also felt that way. District 9 in my opinion had a much better character (main character) development. I would still recommend it because is a beautiful (visually speaking) movie to see and the story is interesting. Neo
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I didn't blame my friends for walking out

By wesleyahunt
Written March 05, 2015
It looked like it was going to be fantastic. It has Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in it. But it just never gets good. The plot was nothing spectacular, and the action and fight scenes feature the camera shaking more than anything else.
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Worth seeing it on the big screen!

By michaelcoozy
Written May 24, 2015
This director, just as in Distcict 9, makes you thoroughly believe you are in a realistic, plausible future! Great special effects, good action, good story, and pure entertainment the whole 2 hours! Worth seeing in IMAX and definitely worth seeing on the theater versus waiting for Blu-ray!
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big obamacare commercial

By lesrose3
Written July 28, 2014
semi good - seems major problem with elitism is poor medical care for the have-nots ps. I will try to avoid HP computers after being subjected to about 12 ads for same while searching movies
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Boring, simplistic, unimaginative, and boring

By zeidman
Written July 24, 2014
In an early scene, Matt Damon's nasty boss insists he go into the dangerous elevator and dislodge the door from the inside. While it makes no sense (why does an elevator get irradiated? why would any sane person go in? how does anyone expect him to get out?), he agrees and of course gets a lethal dose of radiation. There's no explanation for most of the movie--you just know that rich people are evil, corporate heads are evil, politicians are evil, and poor people are mostly evil with a few exceptions like the dying, innocent little girl with the big eyes and soft voice. The action scenes are so chopped up that it's impossible to tell who's winning until the action stops and we see who's standing. Damon's outfit looks like a cheap plastic Halloween costume that dangles from his body. Does it give him super-strength? Sometimes it does, but most of the time he gets thrown all over the place. Avoid this ho-hum movie; it has nothing to offer.
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