By Blumantis
Written April 25, 2015
I came into this movie with great expectation, and was left disappointed. Just what was it that the critics loved so much about this movie when they trashed The Lone Ranger? I haven't a clue, unless there's a liberal agenda here. The Lone Ranger - while overshadowed by Johnny Depp - borrowed much from history and mixed plausible but over-the-top adventure with great humor. Elysium seemed far-fetched from the standpoint of plot, technology, social order, and human interaction. I'm a scientist and love sci fi. There were lots of gadgets, but they made no sense to me. The something-from-nothing magic health care machines made no sense to me. Elysium government run by software made no sense to me. The romance had the sizzle of puppy love. Fight scenes were confusing and showed no realistic martial choreography. Somebody spent a lot of money working with a perfectly awful plot, and hoped that a few stars would rescue the movie. For me it didn't. Save your money and watch it on cable
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An almost believable tale

By scott_fandango_user
Written September 03, 2015
The look of this film was fantastic. The dystopia was certainly believable. In the end it become an allegory about the need for universal healthcare. The film was clever and realistic up to the last few minutes, and its sharp look forgives any sins committed as the movie wraps up.
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Review of Elysium

By wwreporting
Written October 04, 2015
If you want to see Jodie Foster's worst performance, it still is not worth seeing. If you want to see poor casting, it still is not worth seeing. No reason to waste time and money on this film.
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Elysium Satisfies

By Bigboyap
Written February 07, 2016
Although Elysium is not on the level of Blomkamp's District 9, it does hold its own in the sci-fi genre, combining compelling storytelling with riveting action sequences.
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Another Promising Director Corrupted by Hollywood. Instantly!

By joemcder
Written August 22, 2013
The movie displays all the superb technical qualities that ONLY Hollywood can produce. The South African director Neill Blomkamp showed promise in District 9, an uneven but hightly original SciFi movie. So what happened? If Matt Damon and Jody Foster had been given 30 minutes of real acting time, this might have been an very good movie. Instead the movie feels like somebody pushed the fast foward button and forgot to turn it off. You may find this movie an entertaining mindless summer flick. But all I can see is a sizable investment in money and talent flushed down the toilet.
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