Elvis on Tour: 75th Anniversary Celebration Synopsis
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley's birth, featuring previously unseen film footage.

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Five Word Review

Exciting Must See Elvis Documentary...

Hail To The King!

By iamajamma
I collected Elvis cards in `57. Wish I still had them. So going to see this was a no brainer. I was a little disappointed that a number of songs I like weren`t included ( In The Ghetto, How Great Thou...

Elvis on Tour

By egent
It was quite something to see how the movie was made without the use of digital technology. The synchronization of images and voice in split screens is very impressive. Starting off with how the...

elvis on tour

By chdphd
Was disappointed. Too much about the staff, not enough Elvis. The introductory footage included too many clips from the featured Elvis on Tour; very repetitive. With so much video/audio of Elvis...

Not just for Elvis fans.

By ChicoEsquela
Before anybody did anything, Elvis did everything! In a world where people call themselves "the king of this or the king of that", with Elvis on Tour you get a glimpse of why the world called him...

Five Word Review

By damykeman
Intimate expose of the King...

Elvis on Tour

By Pam Samac
The man, his music, and his voice are still beautiful !!!!!! I really enjoyed the movie and seeing Elvis on the "big screen". I could of done without the 20 minute narrative prior to showing the...

Five Word Review

By sassy-grama
exceptional loved every last minute...


By zimmersinvc
I absolutely LOVED this - I grew up with Elvis - 9 years old I was when I "fell in love" with his talent, his smile, his laugh, his loyalty to his fans, his big heart. I was very fortunate to have...

King of Kings

By Elvis4king
I LOVED IT! There will never be another Elvis. No one can touch his music, no one was better looking, and he only hurt himself. His fame was his downfall, and it is very sad. But he was a...

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