Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano Synopsis
From Las Vegas: Elton John performs hits from his legendary career.

Movie Reviews

A Must See for Every John Fan

By Lams94
A classic performance that was spectacular to see on the "big screen." His talent is amazing and it was such a treat to see the long-standing members of his original band. The 2 Cellos were an...

Go see Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano

By janethia
I love Elton John's music. I have wanted to see him live in Vegas but haven't been able to get the money together, so this was second best. I loved seeing him play (boy, can he play that piano!). I...

The Amazing Sir Elton John

By keltymarie
At 65 years old, Elton John can still captivate his audience with his bright smile and his amazing ability to continue to sing all his songs although at a lower octave. His group is extremely...

Elton John and His Instrumentalists Rock!

By materuno
The whole concept of the actual Million Dollar Piano that Elton John designed and had built by Yamaha Company in Japan is explained at the beginning of the movie, before the actual concert begins,...

Elton John

By uhbob
Very well done. Almost as good as being there live. Up close camera work was great to hear clearly all the lyrics. Only negative was it was not advertised well so only about 20 people there. Like...

Elton John movie at Vegas

By jlc1623
Spectacular show.must see ,All the favorite hits were sung nothing was missed.At 65 he still has it.High end setting and the new Blossom piano were awesome.I highly recommend this venue....


By petluvr
Gone were the flamboyant costumes, and the Elton John of years past. This is a man who is truly showing his age (65) and the show filmed at Caesar's Palace was sedate. Granted he is still...

Warning: He Never Sings "Honky Cat"

By davidbsmith2
This was just an okay show. The theater didn't turn the volume up at all, so it in no way simulated being at the live event. No SurroundSound, no booming bass. Plus the show was rather slow until the...

Elton John Million Dollar Piano

By dancekittykat
It was a wonderful show. I was kinda under the impression that this was all new...One Night Only Million Dollar Piano. I thought it was a recent show with all the hype. The show was recorded over 2...


By atonyclifton950
This was a fantastic concert for anyone who is actually a REAL Elton fan. I'm getting so tired of the ignorant and vapid comments from reviewers here tearing apart the concert because he did 2 songs...

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