Ellen Chenoweth

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Arthur Hiller Casting By
2012 Buck Henry Casting By
2012 Norman Lear Casting By
2012 Norman Jewison Casting By
2012 Taylor Hackford Casting By
2012 Robert Duvall Casting By
2012 Richard Dreyfuss Casting By
2012 Mel Gibson Casting By
2012 Clint Eastwood Casting By
2012 Bette Midler Casting By
2012 Juliet Taylor Casting By
2012 Jon Voight Casting By
2012 Paul Haggis Casting By
2012 Paul Rudd Casting By
2012 Oliver Stone Casting By
2012 John Sayles Casting By
2012 Robert Redford Casting By
2012 Martin Scorsese Casting By
2012 Jerry Schatzberg Casting By
2012 Danny Glover Casting By
2012 Robert De Niro Casting By
2012 Ed Lauter Casting By
2012 Diane Lane Casting By
2012 Ronny Cox Casting By
2012 Jeff Bridges Casting By
2012 Ed Asner Casting By
2012 Glenn Close Casting By
2012 Ned Beatty Casting By
2012 John Lithgow Casting By
2012 Woody Allen Casting By
2012 Burt Young Casting By
2012 Peter Bogdanovich Casting By
2012 Tony Bill Casting By
2012 John Travolta Casting By
2012 Al Pacino Casting By
2012 Paul Mazursky Casting By
2012 Lynn Stalmaster Casting By
2012 Cybill Shepherd Casting By
1993 Joe Pesci A Bronx Tale
1993 Chazz Palminteri A Bronx Tale
1993 Robert De Niro A Bronx Tale
1993 Heather Graham Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Anthony Michael Hall Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Mary Beth Hurt Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Stockard Channing Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Madhur Jaffrey Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Donald Sutherland Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Will Smith Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Ian McKellen Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Bruce Davison Six Degrees of Separation
1993 Richard Masur Six Degrees of Separation
1992 Donald O'Connor Toys
1992 Jack Warden Toys
1992 Robin Williams Toys
1992 Arthur Malet Toys
1992 Joan Cusack Toys
1992 Jamie Foxx Toys
1992 Michael Gambon Toys
1991 Harvey Keitel Bugsy
1991 Elliott Gould Bugsy
1991 Ben Kingsley Bugsy
1991 Annette Bening Bugsy
1991 Eric Christmas Bugsy
1991 Joe Mantegna Bugsy
1991 Richard Sarafian Bugsy
1991 James Toback Bugsy
1991 Warren Beatty Bugsy
1991 Bebe Neuwirth Bugsy
1991 Andy Romano Bugsy
1990 Joan Plowright Avalon
1990 Kevin Pollak Avalon
1990 Elijah Wood Avalon
1990 Aidan Quinn Avalon
1990 Lou Jacobi Avalon
1990 Armin Mueller-Stahl Avalon
1990 Elizabeth Perkins Avalon
1987 Albert Brooks Broadcast News
1987 William Hurt Broadcast News
1987 Marc Shaiman Broadcast News
1987 Jack Nicholson Broadcast News
1987 Holly Hunter Broadcast News
1987 John Cusack Broadcast News
1987 Robert Prosky Broadcast News
1987 Lois Chiles Broadcast News
1987 Joan Cusack Broadcast News
1985 Clancy Brown The Bride
1985 Timothy Spall The Bride
1985 Geraldine Page The Bride
1985 Sting The Bride
1985 Cary Elwes The Bride
1985 Jennifer Beals The Bride
1983 Jason Connery The Lords of Discipline
1983 Barbara Babcock The Lords of Discipline
1983 David Keith The Lords of Discipline
1983 Judge Reinhold The Lords of Discipline
1983 Robert Prosky The Lords of Discipline
1983 Bill Paxton The Lords of Discipline
1983 Michael Biehn The Lords of Discipline
1983 Rick Rossovich The Lords of Discipline
1982 Mickey Rourke Diner
1982 Steve Guttenberg Diner
1982 Michael Tucker Diner
1982 Paul Reiser Diner
1982 Tim Daly Diner
1982 Daniel Stern Diner
1982 Ellen Barkin Diner
1982 Kevin Bacon Diner
1981 Rae Dawn Chong Quest for Fire
1981 Ron Perlman Quest for Fire
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