By Stellar_Manda
Written September 13, 2008
Loved everything about this movie...everything.
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Favorite movie of all time

By dakonaisakoala
Written April 25, 2017
So I hate Orlando Bloom as an actor but I love Cameron Crowe and my family is from E-Town so I gave it a go. It is a brilliant movie. Many people criticize it (not sure why) but it was fantastic. The story was original, visually awesome, and the writing was clever. Kristen Dunst stole the movie with her very likable character, Claire. It's a story about life, redemption, life, and an epic road trip (which you can actually get a map for). Also the soundtrack for this movie is fantastic. It's some classic rock (Fleetwood Mac) and some new amazing alternative music (Ryan Adams). To me a perfect movie needs a good story, soundtrack, and good acting. This movie has all of it and it is perfect.
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Good movie.

By panther96
Written March 31, 2007
A great story with a teriffic cast!
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Enchanted by Elizabethtown

By gilbert282
Written February 19, 2010
I couldn't take my eyes off Kirsten Dunst. When she was out of focus, I couldn't wait for the camera to shine down on her again. Bewitched by Kirsten's stunning beauty, her strong yet charming, be-your-self demeanor, to me She's a shining star in each of her movies. In Elizabeth town she was definitely a heaven-sent character. Anyone seeking for the perfect woman could learn a lot by watching this movie.
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Good Like Cheap Ice Cream

By ckcusa
Written July 06, 2009
Like my favorite Cameron Crowe movies, this movie is about living without fear, valuing love, and attaching meaning where it belongs in life. Whereas movies like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous are incredibly endearing, this movie falls short. Fittingly, this movie about not letting failure ruin your life was a critical and commercial failure; or perhaps fiasco (see the movie for an explanation of the differences). Taken on its own merits, this movie is a quirky, somewhat strange, somewhat enjoyable movie. But a Cameron Crowe movie with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst comes with high expectations. To paraphrase Kirsten Dunst's character, this movie is mediocre ice cream: sweet, but melts in five minutes. Cameron Crowe is still one of my favorite directors, and his hand (if not genius) is obvious in this movie.
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