Elizabeth Daily

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Sharon Stone Mothers and Daughters
2016 Mira Sorvino Mothers and Daughters
2016 Susan Sarandon Mothers and Daughters
2016 Courteney Cox Mothers and Daughters
2016 Christina Ricci Mothers and Daughters
2014 Christina Ricci The Hero of Color City
2014 Sean Astin The Hero of Color City
2014 Owen Wilson The Hero of Color City
2014 Rosie Perez The Hero of Color City
2005 Mary Woronov The Devil's Rejects
2005 Deborah Van Valkenburgh The Devil's Rejects
2005 William Forsythe The Devil's Rejects
2005 Geoffrey Lewis The Devil's Rejects
2003 Tim Curry Rugrats Go Wild
2003 Nancy Cartwright Rugrats Go Wild
2003 Bruce Willis Rugrats Go Wild
2001 Sean Penn The Beaver Trilogy
2001 Crispin Glover The Beaver Trilogy
2000 Mako Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
2000 Debbie Reynolds Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
2000 Susan Sarandon Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
2000 Tim Curry Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
2000 Dan Castellaneta Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
2000 John Lithgow Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
1998 James Cromwell Babe: Pig in the City
1998 Mickey Rooney Babe: Pig in the City
1998 Steven Wright Babe: Pig in the City
1998 Glenne Headly Babe: Pig in the City
1998 Roscoe Lee Browne Babe: Pig in the City
1998 David Spade The Rugrats Movie
1998 Whoopi Goldberg The Rugrats Movie
1997 Sherilyn Fenn Friends: The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner
1995 Wallace Shawn A Goofy Movie
1995 Pat Buttram A Goofy Movie
1992 Nick Nolte Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Peter Ustinov Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Susan Sarandon Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Laura Linney Lorenzo's Oil
1991 River Phoenix Dogfight
1991 Brendan Fraser Dogfight
1991 Lili Taylor Dogfight
1991 Kathleen Freeman Dutch
1991 JoBeth Williams Dutch
1991 Ed O'Neill Dutch
1991 Christopher McDonald Dutch
1989 Vic Tayback Loverboy
1989 Carrie Fisher Loverboy
1989 Robert Picardo Loverboy
1989 Patrick Dempsey Loverboy
1989 Kirstie Alley Loverboy
1988 Charles Fleischer Bad Dreams
1988 Jennifer Rubin Bad Dreams
1988 Harris Yulin Bad Dreams
1985 John Cusack Better Off Dead
1985 David Ogden Stiers Better Off Dead
1985 Amanda Wyss Better Off Dead
1985 Vincent Schiavelli Better Off Dead
1985 Judd Nelson Fandango
1985 Glenne Headly Fandango
1985 Suzy Amis Fandango
1985 Kevin Costner Fandango
1985 Pepe Serna Fandango
1985 Paul Reubens Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Phil Hartman Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Jan Hooks Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 James Brolin Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Tony Bill Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Milton Berle Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1984 Jeffrey Tambor No Small Affair
1984 Kene Holliday No Small Affair
1984 Jennifer Tilly No Small Affair
1984 Jon Cryer No Small Affair
1984 Tate Donovan No Small Affair
1984 Hamilton Camp No Small Affair
1984 George Wendt No Small Affair
1984 Demi Moore No Small Affair
1984 Tim Robbins No Small Affair
1984 Ann Wedgeworth No Small Affair
1984 Michael Rooker Streets of Fire
1984 Rick Rossovich Streets of Fire
1984 Willem Dafoe Streets of Fire
1984 Robert Townsend Streets of Fire
1984 Ed Begley, Jr. Streets of Fire
1984 Rick Moranis Streets of Fire
1984 Mykelti Williamson Streets of Fire
1984 Lynne Thigpen Streets of Fire
1984 Deborah Van Valkenburgh Streets of Fire
1984 Amy Madigan Streets of Fire
1984 Bill Paxton Streets of Fire
1984 Michael Paré Streets of Fire
1984 Diane Lane Streets of Fire
1983 Nicolas Cage Valley Girl
1983 Frederic Forrest Valley Girl
1982 Raul Julia The Escape Artist
1982 Teri Garr The Escape Artist
1982 M. Emmet Walsh The Escape Artist
1982 Garry Marshall The Escape Artist
1982 Huntz Hall The Escape Artist
1982 Jackie Coogan The Escape Artist
1982 Desi Arnaz The Escape Artist
1982 Gabriel Dell The Escape Artist
1982 Joan Hackett The Escape Artist
1982 Marianne Stone Funny Money
1982 Adam West One Dark Night
1982 Meg Tilly One Dark Night
1981 Ned Glass Street Music
1981 Charles Napier Wacko
1981 Joe Don Baker Wacko
1981 Anthony James Wacko
1981 Stella Stevens Wacko
1981 George Kennedy Wacko
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