Elizabeth Counsell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Terence Stamp Unfinished Song
2012 Vanessa Redgrave Unfinished Song
2012 Christopher Eccleston Unfinished Song
1988 Olivia de Havilland The Woman He Loved
1988 Lucy Gutteridge The Woman He Loved
1988 John Horsley The Woman He Loved
1988 Phyllis Calvert The Woman He Loved
1988 Jane Seymour The Woman He Loved
1988 Julie Harris The Woman He Loved
1988 Anthony Andrews The Woman He Loved
1985 Barbara Jefford Claudia
1976 Liz Fraser Under the Doctor
1968 Kynaston Reeves Hot Millions
1968 Cesar Romero Hot Millions
1968 Maggie Smith Hot Millions
1968 Peter Ustinov Hot Millions
1968 Karl Malden Hot Millions
1968 Robert Morley Hot Millions
1968 Bob Newhart Hot Millions
1965 Brian Oulton The Intelligence Men
1965 William Franklyn The Intelligence Men
1965 Tutte Lemkow The Intelligence Men
1965 Marianne Stone The Intelligence Men
1965 Peter Bull The Intelligence Men
1963 Geoffrey Keen The Mind Benders
1963 Mary Ure The Mind Benders
1963 Edward Fox The Mind Benders
1963 Dirk Bogarde The Mind Benders
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