Elizabeth Bracco


The sister of actress Lorraine Bracco, Elizabeth Bracco has numerous screen credits as a supporting actress. After her film debut as a waitress in the TV movie Crime Story, Bracco continued to portray waitresses and barmaids in bigger movies like The Color of Money and Stakeout. Eventually, she broke free of those typecast roles to play the talkative Dee Dee in Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train. In 1989, for her next film, Sons, Bracco began working in a string of films by director Alexandre Rockwell, including In the Soup, Louis & Frank, and 13 Moons. She also frequently appeared in films with Steve Buscemi, including The Imposters, Somebody to Love, and Trees Lounge. Elizabeth Bracco has two daughters with actor Aidan Quinn, her husband since 1987. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

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