The Golden Age

By mkidby
Written October 14, 2007
This is far and away the most powerful and awe striking movie ever made about Elizabeth I. Cate Blanchett was indescribably brilliant in portraying not only the awesome power of Elizabeth I; but also her vulnerability, her loneliness, and her fears. Cate and the other cast members and crew of this movie will not only be nominated for major awards, but they will win some as well. I am glad I went to see it by myself because it moved me so much I was balling my head off at the end. I believe that people that understand Elizabeth I as I do will also have similar emotional reactions to it. And, I think it is going to be a huge box office hit. Time will be the one telling the real story about this movie!!
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Anxiously awaited sequel

By farnkiefivefingers
Written October 12, 2007
Costume, set and makeup alone areriveting and we get Cate's return, the incredible Geoffrey Rush (the magnetic Barbossa, "Twelfth Night", "Quills", "Munich" and a must see as Peter Sellers in "The Life And Death Of peter Sellers") and the added bonus of Clive Owen. Acting and directing, costume design and makeup stand up to the first but don't expect the story to be as intriguing. The storyline content is not as engaging as the first and some artistic liberties are taken with historical facts. Some cheesier dialogue dissapoints as well and Rush's role is reduced. If you can forgive the script, Blanchett is as captivating of a presence as ever and I liked Morton as Mary. Expect Blanchett to be nominated for a lead Oscar but win for supporting again for her role as Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There".
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By sindyCA
Written October 12, 2007
This movie was even better than I expected. Cate Blanchett out did herself and deserves the Oscar for her role as Elizabeth. A MUST go!!!!
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A must see.

By kbos1223
Written November 16, 2007
If you saw the first movie then you must see this one. CB was born to play this part. She is as strong in this role as a hundred year oak tree is in a storm. The movie is fun, exciting and down right entertaining. CB owns The Golden Age.
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Elizabeth RULES

By Mythicalbee
Written October 07, 2007
I've read several biographies on Elizabeth I, and she is an incredible figure -- 'Elizabeth' did her justice, opting to choose sides where there is controversy (who exactly was her Robert? Lover? Confidant?) but stayed true to the facts about her and her life. I am thrilled to see this second movie, and expect the same honesty about her incredible life -- Hollywood couldn't have written a finer character.
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