What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this film has extremely gruesome scenes, and parts may be difficult to watch even for adults. Extremely graphic depictions of people being burned alive, being stabbed, beheaded, heads on sticks, and gruesome post-war images of people with missing limbs, bloody, and dying are featured in the film. The film also includes several scenes featuring nudity and sexual interludes.
  • Families can talk about the concept of an enlightened ruler and what methods are acceptably employed to remain in control of a nation for the good of the people. How did Elizabeth's actions "for the good of the people" affect ordinary citizens? What do you think constitutes a good reason to go to war? The biographical nature of the film may also spark conversations about this historically significant period, as Elizabeth was the last of the Tudor line monarchy. Families may want to discuss the capable nature of women in power as evidenced by Elizabeth's reign, which was considered the Golden Age in England. Finally, families could talk about the power that religion has had over people and nations occasionally even driving them to war.
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