By mynumba1luva
Written August 21, 2014
this movie mocks the columbine but does this very well this movie is very compatible with Home Room but this the event before and during instead of just after
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Gus Vant Sant does magic work transporting us from an ordinary day showing every characters point of view to making the most chilling movie sequence of all time. "Elephant" is a cinematic experience t

By Dominic LeRose
Written August 21, 2014
Gus Van Sant gives you a rare piece of directing and an absolutely genius constructed work of art that is both interesting and shocking. "Elephant" revolves around a normal day at a high school in Oregon where we follow the typical day of many students and some teachers before a mass shooting similar to Columbine. Van Sant's opening shot reflects how the film will turn out. We see the sky and a street light throughout a day as it transitions from bright during the day to dark at night to represent the tragedy that will occur but then the street light turns on to represent hope. For a majority of the film, the camera just runs off and never stops. We see many shots following students through the school to show high school life and really make you feel as if your a student at this school. The camera may always be focusing on one particular person or object, but what Gus Van Sant does is take little details that stand out as elephants in the room. Gus van Sant shows previous scenes in the background of the characters being focused on in the current sot as well. It's the set up of this film that's so unique and really makes you catch the detail Van Sant gives us. The rich cinematography allows us to catch every character even when they are not the primary focus of each scene. The dark lighting helps portray the mood of the school and the darkness that's bound in the future. Van Sant shoots this almost like a documentary. This aspect helps us get a good feel for how terrifying these events are. After shooting a detailed and specifically focused film about high school life were devastated and disturbed by seeing two young men carry on their mass attack. This is by far the single most terrifying and disturbing sequence in cinematic history. Gus Van Sant shows us that these violent acts are done due to mental health and not reasoning. The title "Elephant" refers to the signs the kids who committed murder showed as if they were elephants in the room, just like how all the kids we notice in the background are later reentered in the story because we notice them so much. The signs that these kids were mentally damaged were just too clear. "Elephant" is a directorial masterpiece with a socially relevant topic. This film has grand detail over it's characters and setting to really make you see different sides of the story before the shooting occurs. "Elephant" is by far the most chilling and powerful film you'll ever see.
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By johnburns1996
Written August 21, 2014
This movie is horrible. It's very slow, there's no plot, the movie just makes zero sense.
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