Eleanor Fazan
Date of Birth
May 29, 1930
Birth Place:
Kenya, Africa

Worked With

Year Name Title
1984 Tom Selleck Lassiter
1984 Jane Seymour Lassiter
1984 Ed Lauter Lassiter
1984 Bob Hoskins Lassiter
1984 Lauren Hutton Lassiter
1973 Malcolm McDowell O Lucky Man!
1973 Arthur Lowe O Lucky Man!
1973 Helen Mirren O Lucky Man!
1973 Michael Medwin O Lucky Man!
1973 Anthony Nicholls O Lucky Man!
1973 Lindsay Anderson O Lucky Man!
1973 Rachel Roberts O Lucky Man!
1973 Ralph Richardson O Lucky Man!
1972 Michael Gough Savage Messiah
1972 Dorothy Tutin Savage Messiah
1972 Helen Mirren Savage Messiah
1972 John Justin Savage Messiah
1968 Eileen Atkins Inadmissible Evidence
1968 Jill Bennett Inadmissible Evidence
1968 Nicol Williamson Inadmissible Evidence
1968 Lindsay Anderson Inadmissible Evidence
1955 Charles Lloyd Pack Value for Money
1955 Donald Pleasence Value for Money
1955 Ernst Thesiger Value for Money
1955 John Gregson Value for Money
1955 Diana Dors Value for Money
1955 Derek Farr Value for Money
1952 James Hayter Will Any Gentleman?
1952 Lionel Jeffries Will Any Gentleman?
1952 Alan Badel Will Any Gentleman?
1952 George Cole Will Any Gentleman?
1952 Heather Thatcher Will Any Gentleman?
1952 Joan Sims Will Any Gentleman?
1952 Wally Patch Will Any Gentleman?
1952 Brian Oulton Will Any Gentleman?
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