Good one

By meet_hermes
Written February 16, 2012
Its not too long. Its a youthful movie. Little different. Not a typical "everything ends in marriage" kinda Hindi movie. You can wait for the DVDs if you choose to. One time watch. Imran Khan is very good. Kareena Kapoor acts well, but looks old. She definitely doesn't look 27 in the movie.
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Not funny and too dragged

By goofee
Written February 13, 2012
Waiting to get a laugh, but didn't happen much. Waiting for something to happen throughout the movie, nothing happened and the movie ended abruptly. Not as expected.
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Waste of time and money

By koolwadz
Written February 17, 2012
I went to see this movie on valentines day, hoping it will be a nice start to it. but.... the only part which I liked in the movie was the part before the start and after the end. There is nothing good to write about, story could have been great but thr was no emotion, no drama, no action, and no romance... not sure what the movie had... Oh yes one good thing was.. the movie is shorter than the normal hindi film. I wish you all the best if you plan to see this movie :-)
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OK Type

By awdric
Written February 12, 2012
A different movie with a different ending, but, they could have made it better. There is a little overacting with the drinking effect part. Except for the title song all other songs are not that great. Imran and Kareena have acted very well.
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Not sure what the intent of the movie was.

By shah_rukh_khan
Written February 11, 2012
I usually like most bollywood movies, but I couldnt figure this one out.
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