Edward Woods
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1904

Worked With

Year Name Title
1943 Pat O'Malley The Iron Major
1943 Cyril Ring The Iron Major
1943 Richard Martin The Iron Major
1943 Pat O'Brien The Iron Major
1943 Ruth Warrick The Iron Major
1943 Ian Wolfe The Iron Major
1943 Henry Roquemore The Iron Major
1943 Dorothy Vaughan The Iron Major
1943 Sam McDaniel The Iron Major
1943 Mike Lally The Iron Major
1943 Leon Ames The Iron Major
1943 James Flavin The Iron Major
1943 William Forrest The Iron Major
1943 Chuck Hamilton The Iron Major
1943 Robert Ryan The Iron Major
1943 Richard Martin Marine Raiders
1943 Blake Edwards Marine Raiders
1943 Robert Ryan Marine Raiders
1943 Barton MacLane Marine Raiders
1943 Ruth Hussey Marine Raiders
1943 William Forrest Marine Raiders
1943 Pat O'Brien Marine Raiders
1943 Frank McHugh Marine Raiders
1943 Martha Vickers Marine Raiders
1938 James Dunn Shadows over Shanghai
1938 Billy Bevan Shadows over Shanghai
1938 Ralph Morgan Shadows over Shanghai
1938 Richard Loo Shadows over Shanghai
1937 Joe Sawyer Navy Blues
1937 Horace McMahon Navy Blues
1937 Mary Brian Navy Blues
1935 Edward Earle Fighting Lady
1935 Betty Blythe Fighting Lady
1935 Jack Mulhall Fighting Lady
1934 Dorothy Granger Marriage on Approval
1934 William Farnum Marriage on Approval
1933 Isabel Jewell Bondage
1933 Jane Darwell Bondage
1933 Billie Burke Dinner at Eight
1933 Jean Hersholt Dinner at Eight
1933 Edmund Lowe Dinner at Eight
1933 Grant Mitchell Dinner at Eight
1933 Lee Tracy Dinner at Eight
1933 May Robson Dinner at Eight
1933 Elizabeth Patterson Dinner at Eight
1933 Wallace Beery Dinner at Eight
1933 Madge Evans Dinner at Eight
1933 Herman Bing Dinner at Eight
1933 Jean Harlow Dinner at Eight
1933 Marie Dressler Dinner at Eight
1933 John Barrymore Dinner at Eight
1933 Lionel Barrymore Dinner at Eight
1933 Frank Lackteen Tarzan the Fearless [Serial]
1933 Larry "Buster" Crabbe Tarzan the Fearless [Serial]
1933 Mischa Auer Tarzan the Fearless [Serial]
1932 Nancy Carroll Hot Saturday
1932 Marjorie Main Hot Saturday
1932 Cary Grant Hot Saturday
1932 Jane Darwell Hot Saturday
1932 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Hot Saturday
1932 Grady Sutton Hot Saturday
1932 Randolph Scott Hot Saturday
1932 Greta Granstedt They Never Come Back
1932 Dorothy Sebastian They Never Come Back
1932 Regis Toomey They Never Come Back
1931 Joe E. Brown Local Boy Makes Good
1931 Dorothy Lee Local Boy Makes Good
1931 Jean Harlow The Public Enemy
1931 Beryl Mercer The Public Enemy
1931 Sam McDaniel The Public Enemy
1931 Purnell Pratt The Public Enemy
1931 Russell Powell The Public Enemy
1931 Charles Sullivan The Public Enemy
1931 Frank Coghlan, Jr. The Public Enemy
1931 Mae Clarke The Public Enemy
1931 Frankie Darro The Public Enemy
1931 Joan Blondell The Public Enemy
1931 Ben Hendricks, Jr. The Public Enemy
1931 James Cagney The Public Enemy
1930 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Mothers Cry
1930 Helen Chandler Mothers Cry
1930 David Manners Mothers Cry
1930 Pat O'Malley Mothers Cry
1930 Boris Karloff Mothers Cry
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