Edric Connor
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1913

Worked With

Year Name Title
1968 Clive Revill The High Commissioner
1968 Christopher Plummer The High Commissioner
1968 Camilla Sparv The High Commissioner
1968 Franchot Tone The High Commissioner
1968 Rod Taylor The High Commissioner
1968 Lilli Palmer The High Commissioner
1968 Daliah Lavi The High Commissioner
1968 Burt Kwouk The High Commissioner
1968 Calvin Lockhart The High Commissioner
1968 Leo McKern The High Commissioner
1968 David Hemmings Only When I Larf
1968 Richard Attenborough Only When I Larf
1968 Calvin Lockhart Only When I Larf
1963 Anita Ekberg 4 for Texas
1963 Jack Elam 4 for Texas
1963 Ellen Corby 4 for Texas
1963 Victor Buono 4 for Texas
1963 Virginia Christine 4 for Texas
1963 Fritz Feld 4 for Texas
1963 Moe Howard 4 for Texas
1963 Richard Jaeckel 4 for Texas
1963 Percy Helton 4 for Texas
1963 Larry Fine 4 for Texas
1963 Arthur Godfrey 4 for Texas
1963 Bob Steele 4 for Texas
1963 Mike Mazurki 4 for Texas
1963 Frank Sinatra 4 for Texas
1963 Dean Martin 4 for Texas
1963 Yaphet Kotto 4 for Texas
1963 Ursula Andress 4 for Texas
1963 Wesley Addy 4 for Texas
1963 Charles Bronson 4 for Texas
1963 Honor Blackman Avengers: The Gilded Cage
1963 Patrick Magee Avengers: The Gilded Cage
1963 Patrick Macnee Avengers: The Gilded Cage
1961 Robert Ryan King of Kings
1961 Gerard Tichy King of Kings
1961 Siobhan McKenna King of Kings
1961 Rip Torn King of Kings
1961 Viveca Lindfors King of Kings
1961 Frank Thring King of Kings
1961 Orson Welles King of Kings
1961 Harry Guardino King of Kings
1961 Ted de Corsia King of Kings
1961 Jeffrey Hunter King of Kings
1961 Rita Gam King of Kings
1961 Maurice Marsac King of Kings
1961 George Coulouris King of Kings
1961 Royal Dano King of Kings
1958 Herbert Lom The Roots of Heaven
1958 Orson Welles The Roots of Heaven
1958 Paul Lukas The Roots of Heaven
1958 Trevor Howard The Roots of Heaven
1958 Eddie Albert The Roots of Heaven
1958 Errol Flynn The Roots of Heaven
1958 Alexander Knox The Vikings
1958 Ernest Borgnine The Vikings
1958 James Donald The Vikings
1958 Frank Thring The Vikings
1958 Tony Curtis The Vikings
1958 Orson Welles The Vikings
1958 Kirk Douglas The Vikings
1958 Janet Leigh The Vikings
1958 Sidney Poitier Virgin Island
1958 John Cassavetes Virgin Island
1958 Ruby Dee Virgin Island
1957 Stephen Boyd The Beasts of Marseilles
1957 George Coulouris The Beasts of Marseilles
1957 James Robertson Justice The Beasts of Marseilles
1957 Anton Diffring The Beasts of Marseilles
1957 Kathleen Harrison The Beasts of Marseilles
1957 Robert Mitchum Fire Down Below
1957 Eric Pohlmann Fire Down Below
1957 Anthony Newley Fire Down Below
1957 Jack Lemmon Fire Down Below
1957 Bonar Colleano Fire Down Below
1957 Rita Hayworth Fire Down Below
1957 Herbert Lom Fire Down Below
1957 Bernard Lee Fire Down Below
1956 Richard Basehart Moby Dick
1956 Harry Andrews Moby Dick
1956 Royal Dano Moby Dick
1956 James Robertson Justice Moby Dick
1956 Mervyn Johns Moby Dick
1956 Leo Genn Moby Dick
1956 Christopher Lee Moby Dick
1956 Gregory Peck Moby Dick
1956 Noel Purcell Moby Dick
1956 Orson Welles Moby Dick
1956 Tom Clegg Moby Dick
1956 Bernard Miles Moby Dick
1956 Joan Plowright Moby Dick
1954 Martin Benson West of Zanzibar
1951 Sidney Poitier Cry the Beloved Country
1951 Geoffrey Keen Cry the Beloved Country
1951 Canada Lee Cry the Beloved Country
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