Edmund Breese
Date of Birth
Jun 18, 1871
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1935 William Cagney Lost in the Stratosphere
1935 Hattie McDaniel Lost in the Stratosphere
1935 June Collyer Lost in the Stratosphere
1935 Lila Lee The Marriage Bargain
1934 Dorothy Revier Above the Clouds
1934 Robert Armstrong Above the Clouds
1934 Dorothy Wilson Above the Clouds
1934 Sherry Hall Above the Clouds
1934 Clara Blandick Beloved
1934 Mary Gordon Beloved
1934 John Boles Beloved
1934 Josef Swickard Beloved
1934 Gloria Stuart Beloved
1934 Mae Busch Beloved
1934 Mickey Rooney Beloved
1934 James Flavin Beloved
1934 C. Montague Shaw Beloved
1934 King Baggot Beloved
1934 Walter Connolly Broadway Bill
1934 Clarence Muse Broadway Bill
1934 Herman Bing Broadway Bill
1934 Lucille Ball Broadway Bill
1934 Lynne Overman Broadway Bill
1934 Warner Baxter Broadway Bill
1934 Clara Blandick Broadway Bill
1934 Alan Hale Broadway Bill
1934 Kit Guard Broadway Bill
1934 Paul Harvey Broadway Bill
1934 Margaret Hamilton Broadway Bill
1934 Frankie Darro Broadway Bill
1934 Ward Bond Broadway Bill
1934 Bess Flowers Broadway Bill
1934 Douglas Dumbrille Broadway Bill
1934 Dennis O'Keefe Broadway Bill
1934 John Ince Broadway Bill
1934 Myrna Loy Broadway Bill
1934 Raymond Walburn Broadway Bill
1934 Helen Vinson Broadway Bill
1934 Harry Semels Broadway Bill
1934 Charles B. Middleton Broadway Bill
1934 Roscoe Karns Come On, Marines
1934 Monte Blue Come On, Marines
1934 Fuzzy Knight Come On, Marines
1934 Ida Lupino Come On, Marines
1934 Richard Arlen Come On, Marines
1934 Ann Sheridan Come On, Marines
1934 Reginald Denny Dancing Man
1934 Huntly Gordon Dancing Man
1934 John Halliday Return of the Terror
1934 Frank Conroy Return of the Terror
1934 Cecil Cunningham Return of the Terror
1934 George E. Stone Return of the Terror
1934 Lyle Talbot Return of the Terror
1934 Charles Grapewin Return of the Terror
1934 Frank McHugh Return of the Terror
1934 Mary Astor Return of the Terror
1934 Philip Morris Return of the Terror
1934 J. Carrol Naish Return of the Terror
1934 Ed Brady Treasure Island
1934 Frank S. Hagney Treasure Island
1934 Jackie Cooper Treasure Island
1934 Nigel Bruce Treasure Island
1934 Cornelius Keefe Treasure Island
1934 Lewis Stone Treasure Island
1934 Otto Kruger Treasure Island
1934 John Kerr Treasure Island
1934 Douglas Dumbrille Treasure Island
1934 Robert Anderson Treasure Island
1934 Lionel Barrymore Treasure Island
1934 Wallace Beery Treasure Island
1933 Charles B. Middleton Duck Soup
1933 Marx Brothers Duck Soup
1933 Louis Calhern Duck Soup
1933 Davison Clark Duck Soup
1933 Chico Marx Duck Soup
1933 Edgar Kennedy Duck Soup
1933 Leonid Kinskey Duck Soup
1933 Groucho Marx Duck Soup
1933 Harpo Marx Duck Soup
1933 Margaret Dumont Duck Soup
1933 Rudy Vallee International House
1933 Franklin Pangborn International House
1933 Stuart Erwin International House
1933 W.C. Fields International House
1933 Sterling Holloway International House
1933 Harrison Greene International House
1933 Rose Marie International House
1933 Bela Lugosi International House
1933 Edwin Stanley International House
1933 George Burns International House
1933 Gracie Allen International House
1933 Mary Carlisle Ladies Must Love
1933 Neil Hamilton Ladies Must Love
1933 George E. Stone Ladies Must Love
1933 Sally O'Neil Ladies Must Love
1933 Berton Churchill Ladies Must Love
1933 Dorothy Burgess Ladies Must Love
1933 Henry B. Walthall Laughing at Life
1933 John Farrell MacDonald Laughing at Life
1933 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Laughing at Life
1933 Tully Marshall Laughing at Life
1933 Regis Toomey Laughing at Life
1933 Noah Beery, Jr. Laughing at Life
1933 Pat O'Malley Laughing at Life
1933 Dewey Robinson Laughing at Life
1933 Victor McLaglen Laughing at Life
1933 William Desmond Laughing at Life
1933 Frankie Darro Laughing at Life
1933 Lois Wilson Laughing at Life
1933 Emma Dunn A Man of Sentiment
1933 Cornelius Keefe A Man of Sentiment
1933 Owen Moore A Man of Sentiment
1933 Pat O'Malley A Man of Sentiment
1933 Dot Farley Torchy Turns Turtle
1933 Franklin Pangborn Torchy Turns Turtle
1933 Franklin Pangborn Torchy's Loud Spooker
1933 Jane Darwell Women Won't Tell
1933 Isabel Withers Women Won't Tell
1933 Mae Busch Women Won't Tell
1933 Dewey Robinson Women Won't Tell
1932 Henry B. Walthall Alias Mary Smith
1932 Myrtle Stedman Alias Mary Smith
1932 Raymond Hatton Alias Mary Smith
1932 Ben Hall Alias Mary Smith
1932 Constance Cummings The Billion Dollar Scandal
1932 Robert Armstrong The Billion Dollar Scandal
1932 Frank Morgan The Billion Dollar Scandal
1932 Berton Churchill The Billion Dollar Scandal
1932 Sidney Toler The Billion Dollar Scandal
1932 James Gleason The Billion Dollar Scandal
1932 Fred "Snowflake" Toones The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Tully Marshall The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Clarence Muse The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Berton Churchill The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Henry B. Walthall The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 J. Carrol Naish The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Richard Barthelmess The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Bette Davis The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 Dennis O'Keefe The Cabin in the Cotton
1932 H.B. Warner Cross Examination
1932 Raymond Hatton Drifting
1932 Lois Wilson Drifting Souls
1932 Edward J. Le Saint Drifting Souls
1932 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Drifting Souls
1932 Raymond Hatton Drifting Souls
1932 Mischa Auer Drifting Souls
1932 Bryant Washburn Drifting Souls
1932 Henry B. Walthall Fame Street
1932 King Baggot Fame Street
1932 Al St. John Fame Street
1932 Hattie McDaniel The Golden West
1932 Julia Swayne Gordon The Golden West
1932 George O'Brien The Golden West
1932 Cecilia Parker The Golden West
1932 Edward Peil Sr. The Hatchet Man
1932 Charles B. Middleton The Hatchet Man
1932 Dudley Digges The Hatchet Man
1932 J. Carrol Naish The Hatchet Man
1932 Tully Marshall The Hatchet Man
1932 Loretta Young The Hatchet Man
1932 Edward G. Robinson The Hatchet Man
1932 John Wayne The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Glenn Strange The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Charles King The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 John Farrell MacDonald The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Tully Marshall The Hurricane Express [Serial]
1932 Clara Kimball Young Love Bound
1932 Jack Mulhall Love Bound
1932 Montagu Love Love Bound
1932 Charlie Ruggles Madame Butterfly
1932 Sylvia Sidney Madame Butterfly
1932 Helen Jerome Eddy Madame Butterfly
1932 Berton Churchill Madame Butterfly
1932 Cary Grant Madame Butterfly
1932 Greta Garbo Mata Hari
1932 Ramon Novarro Mata Hari
1932 Mischa Auer Mata Hari
1932 Lionel Barrymore Mata Hari
1932 Lewis Stone Mata Hari
1932 Helen Jerome Eddy Mata Hari
1932 Cecil Cunningham Mata Hari
1932 Claire Dodd The Match King
1932 Alan Hale The Match King
1932 Glenda Farrell The Match King
1932 Greta Meyer The Match King
1932 Warren William The Match King
1932 Harold Huber The Match King
1932 Julie Compton The Match King
1932 Pat O'Malley The Reckoning
1932 Bryant Washburn The Reckoning
1932 Franklin Pangborn Torchy Raises the Auntie
1932 Franklin Pangborn Torchy Turns the Trick
1932 Dot Farley Torchy Turns the Trick
1932 Franklin Pangborn Torchy's Busy Day
1932 Cornelius Keefe Torchy's Busy Day
1932 Franklin Pangborn Torchy's Night Cap
1931 Sally Eilers Bad Girl
1931 Paul Fix Bad Girl
1931 William Pawley Bad Girl
1931 James Dunn Bad Girl
1931 Tom Dugan Bright Lights
1931 Dorothy Mackaill Bright Lights
1931 Frank McHugh Bright Lights
1931 Noah Beery, Sr. Bright Lights
1931 John Carradine Bright Lights
1931 Billy Gilbert Chinatown After Dark
1931 Kit Guard Defenders of the Law
1931 Paul Panzer Defenders of the Law
1931 Mae Busch Defenders of the Law
1931 Paul Fix The Good Bad Girl
1931 Marie Prevost The Good Bad Girl
1931 Mae Clarke The Good Bad Girl
1931 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton The Last Parade
1931 Clarence Muse The Last Parade
1931 Edward J. Le Saint The Last Parade
1931 Boris Karloff The Last Parade
1931 Jack Holt The Last Parade
1931 Jesse de Vorska The Last Parade
1931 Tom Moore The Last Parade
1931 Constance Cummings The Last Parade
1931 Franklin Parker Millie
1931 Frank McHugh Millie
1931 Anita Louise Millie
1931 Helen Twelvetrees Millie
1931 John Halliday Millie
1931 Lilyan Tashman Millie
1931 Joan Blondell Millie
1931 Emma Dunn Morals for Women
1931 Bessie Love Morals for Women
1931 John Farrell MacDonald The Painted Desert
1931 William Farnum The Painted Desert
1931 Charles Sellon The Painted Desert
1931 Clark Gable The Painted Desert
1931 Al St. John The Painted Desert
1931 Helen Twelvetrees The Painted Desert
1931 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Platinum Blonde
1931 Hal Price Platinum Blonde
1931 Loretta Young Platinum Blonde
1931 Harry Semels Platinum Blonde
1931 Reginald Owen Platinum Blonde
1931 Walter Catlett Platinum Blonde
1931 Jean Harlow Platinum Blonde
1931 Charles Jordan Platinum Blonde
1931 Phillips Smalley The Public Defender
1931 William Halligan The Public Defender
1931 Purnell Pratt The Public Defender
1931 Boris Karloff The Public Defender
1931 Richard Dix The Public Defender
1931 May Robson The She-Wolf
1931 Ruth Donnelly Wicked
1931 Irene Rich Wicked
1931 Mae Busch Wicked
1931 Elissa Landi Wicked
1931 Victor McLaglen Wicked
1931 Una Merkel Wicked
1931 James Kirkwood Young Sinners
1931 Thomas Meighan Young Sinners
1930 Lew Ayres All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Fred Zinnemann All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 George "Slim" Summerville All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Ben Alexander All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Robert Parrish All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Louis Wolheim All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 ZaSu Pitts All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Beryl Mercer All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Raymond Griffith All Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Wilbur Mack The Czar of Broadway
1930 Betty Compson The Czar of Broadway
1930 King Baggot The Czar of Broadway
1930 Joe E. Brown Hold Everything
1930 Sally O'Neil Hold Everything
1930 Dorothy Revier Hold Everything
1930 Ann Sothern Hold Everything
1930 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Kismet
1930 Lorin Raker Kismet
1930 Loretta Young Kismet
1930 David Manners Kismet
1930 Ford Sterling Kismet
1930 John St. Polis Kismet
1930 Montagu Love Kismet
1930 Eugene Pallette Playboy of Paris
1930 Cecil Cunningham Playboy of Paris
1930 Maurice Chevalier Playboy of Paris
1930 Frances Dee Playboy of Paris
1930 Guy Oliver Playboy of Paris
1930 Stuart Erwin Playboy of Paris
1930 O.P. Heggie Playboy of Paris
1930 Jobyna Ralston Rough Waters
1930 Walter Miller Rough Waters
1930 Nils Asther The Sea Bat
1930 Charles Bickford The Sea Bat
1930 Boris Karloff The Sea Bat
1930 Mack Swain The Sea Bat
1930 Henry B. Walthall Tol'able David
1930 John Cromwell Tol'able David
1930 John Carradine Tol'able David
1930 Noah Beery, Sr. Tol'able David
1930 Cyril Ring Top Speed
1930 Frank McHugh Top Speed
1930 Al Hill Top Speed
1930 Joe E. Brown Top Speed
1929 Monte Blue Conquest
1929 Tully Marshall Conquest
1929 H.B. Warner Conquest
1929 Lois Wilson Conquest
1929 Myrna Loy Fancy Baggage
1929 Henry B. Walthall From Headquarters
1929 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams From Headquarters
1929 Monte Blue From Headquarters
1929 Pat Somerset From Headquarters
1929 John Kelly From Headquarters
1929 H.B. Warner The Gamblers
1929 Charles Sellon The Gamblers
1929 Lois Wilson The Gamblers
1929 Louis Natheaux Girls Gone Wild
1929 Hedda Hopper Girls Gone Wild
1929 Fred MacMurray Girls Gone Wild
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller The Hottentot
1929 Edward Earle The Hottentot
1929 Edward Everett Horton The Hottentot
1929 Ben Hall In the Headlines
1929 Al Jolson Sonny Boy
1929 Edward Everett Horton Sonny Boy
1929 Tom Dugan Sonny Boy
1929 Betty Bronson Sonny Boy
1928 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Burning Daylight
1928 Doris Kenyon Burning Daylight
1928 Frank S. Hagney Burning Daylight
1928 Milton Sills Burning Daylight
1928 Jack Oakie Finders Keepers
1928 Montagu Love The Haunted House
1928 Flora Finch The Haunted House
1928 Thelma Todd The Haunted House
1928 Pauline Frederick On Trial
1928 Franklin Pangborn On Trial
1928 Lois Wilson On Trial
1928 Lynne Overman The Perfect Crime
1928 Tully Marshall The Perfect Crime
1928 Irene Rich The Perfect Crime
1928 Clive Brook The Perfect Crime
1928 Johnny Hines Wright Idea
1927 Johnny Hines Home Made
1927 Betty Bronson Paradise for Two
1927 Richard Dix Paradise for Two
1926 Flora Finch Brown Derby
1926 Johnny Hines Brown Derby
1926 Ben Alexander Highbinders
1926 Johnny Hines Stepping Along
1926 Mary Brian Stepping Along
1925 Johnny Hines Live Wire
1925 James Kirkwood The Police Patrol
1925 Lionel Barrymore Wildfire
1925 Esther Ralston Womanhandled
1925 Richard Dix Womanhandled
1924 Tyrone Power Damaged Hearts
1924 Johnny Hines The Early Bird
1924 Wyndham Standing The Early Bird
1924 Flora Finch The Early Bird
1924 Estelle Taylor Playthings of Desire
1924 Walter Miller Playthings of Desire
1924 Montagu Love Restless Wives
1924 Percy Marmont The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 George Siegmann The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Nelson McDowell The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Mae Busch The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Neil Hamilton Sixth Commandment
1924 Johnny Hines Speed Spook
1924 Patsy Ruth Miller Those Who Judge
1923 Harrison Ford Bright Lights of Broadway
1923 Tyrone Power Bright Lights of Broadway
1923 Doris Kenyon Bright Lights of Broadway
1923 Lowell Sherman Bright Lights of Broadway
1923 Dorothy Mackaill Fair Cheat
1923 Paul Panzer Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers
1923 Helen Mack Little Red Schoolhouse
1923 Flora Finch Luck
1923 Johnny Hines Luck
1923 Tom Moore Marriage Morals
1923 Richard Thorpe Three O'Clock in the Morning
1923 Edna May Oliver Three O'Clock in the Morning
1923 James Kirkwood You Are Guilty
1923 Doris Kenyon You Are Guilty
1922 Billie Dove Beyond the Rainbow
1922 Huntly Gordon Beyond the Rainbow
1922 Walter Miller Beyond the Rainbow
1922 Clara Bow Beyond the Rainbow
1922 Doris Kenyon Sure Fire Flint
1922 Johnny Hines Sure Fire Flint
1921 Richard Thorpe Burn 'Em Up Barnes
1921 Johnny Hines Burn 'Em Up Barnes
1921 Julia Swayne Gordon Burn 'Em Up Barnes
1916 Evelyn Brent Spell of the Yukon
1915 Evelyn Brent The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1914 Jane Darwell The Master Mind
1914 Billy Elmer The Master Mind
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