By pattyb123
Written February 07, 2010
Please DO not waste your time or money on this movie. I had to keep telling myself it will get better, it NEVER did. The group of people I went with also felt the exact same way. The movie is very slow and has nothing that keeps your interested in the least bit. During the movie I counted a total of five people leave the theater and not come back. You know its a bad movie if I watch in jealousy to see if the people who left ever come back, which they didn't. PLEASE take my word for it and do NOT see this movie. I am usually a Mel Gibson fan but this movie is a real bust and I want my money back.
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By bellale
Written February 13, 2010
I went with my mom at like 10:30pm b/c i thought i wouldnt have to pay much attention to the plot and it would just be another ok hackertype movie I WAS SOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!! The plot was amazing ABSOLUTLY CAPTAVATING!!!! i went back the same weekend to see it with my dad and the plot was still........ JUST WOW!!! it blewme back in my seat! it has to be one of the best ive seen in a LONG! time GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
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Cool Flick

By meccassault
Written February 16, 2010
Good movie in all. I am a big Mel Gibson fan, always have been. He did a great job in this film portraying a cop turned vengeful father in what seems to be about him at first but the tables turn to new corners leading the story in a direction not expected at first glimpse. That's unless you read through the lines in the previews... Although it has it's very intense action moments, it's not constant from a to z like you may expect. Go into it knowing that it's more of a suspenseful drama then a cop gone wild film. It's not at all the case. Def. worth seeing in theaters if you haven't yet.
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Five Word Review

By smileeasymoney20
Written February 10, 2010
Totally out of this world
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Edge Of Darkness is a restrained revenge/intriguer/crime drama.

By Pseudobyte
Written January 30, 2010
I was expecting a straight-forward revenge quest by a cop father robbed of his daughter but that isn't quite what this movie really is. Gibson is incredibly understated in this film (to his credit) which may bore some moviegoers who are more interested in the "Gimme back my son!" Gibson from Ransom. The death of his daughter is brutal with little to no cue to the audience (the trailer makes it plain that her death is the impetus of the film); very abrupt. What follows are a myriad of quiet character studies with some flashbacks but not much in the way of police procedure. Characters get introduced as Craven (Gibson) goes through his daughter's cellphone contacts. The director seems to have made a conscious decision to not make it simple for the audience to determine who is "bad" and who is "good" with the usual Hollywood flair of film scoring for effect. What threw me the most was the conspiracy angle involving shadowy government men. Ray Winstone steals the show as one of these men.
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